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January 10, 2005

the one in which I AM NEVER OUTPUNNED

Alan: oh oh oh
Alan: i came up with the WORST pun ever yesterday wen i was in my brothers car
Alan: we were driving past a funeral parlour…. and i said 'Theres an industry that will never die out' :)
me: har har
Alan: there was a deathly silence accompanying that pun ;)
me: bet there was a lot of uncomfortable coffin too
Alan: /sigh

December 10, 2004

the one which the little children shouldn't read

Simon: in ur opinion, is rofl a bigger laugh than lmao?
Me: in my opinion, to laugh your ass off requires an almost preternatural biological coup, while rolling on the floor laughing is merely losing control over your ability to stand up straight
Me: so lmao would definitely be bigger
Me: and in fact worrying, if you actually meant it
Me: needless to say, the marriage of the two, roflmao, is the mother of all uproarious hilarity
Simon: no it's not
Simon: the biggest is roflmfao
Simon: the expletive adds weight
Me: well no, to be extraordinarily crude, if your ass is being fucked at the same time as one is laughing, the chances of it coming off are actually increased by both the fucking and the laughing.
Simon: oh that's just nasty

November 28, 2004

the one with the latest installment of prodigious and unbelievably awesome punning

me: I'm sorry. I don't mean to be acutely obtuse.
me: hahahahahhaha
me: it's just reflex, I swear
me: ahhh. it's good to look at things from a different, you know
me: angle.
simon: I am fighting myself, but it seems I've decided to smile at this.

and so he should.

November 15, 2004

the one that should strike a chord with all those who call themselves 'students'

Friend: Still "working"?
Me: "Yes".

November 08, 2004

the one you should not read if you are uncomfortable with shameless displays of intimacy

me: I'm not wearing any underwear. Heehee.
him: why not?
me: felt like it.
him: I hope your bloody eggs don't fall out. Haha, get it, bloody eggs.
me: that was just not funny, period.
him: for that, I'll give you a standing ovulation.

oh, he just cracks me up. like, you know, an egg.

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