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March 08, 2006

If we let go, then we get a lot closer

Are you really awake and consciously aware….?

– Do you think of yourself as the person that you have come to know with your mind or do you think that perhaps you are much more than your mind could ever know?

-Do you think that the world around you affects you or do you think that you affect the world around you?

-Are you autonomous or dependent?

-Who do you point the finger at when something appears to not go right? Yourself? Or do you point the finger at everything else around you but you?

-How do you define your successes-by the things that you have or the things that you have done?

-Is wisdom the accumulation of material knowledge or the inspiration that seems to come from somewhere else at a time when you need it most?

-Do you see spiritually unifiying purposes or just mere coincidences?

-Now that you are reading what I have written, are you focusing in the moment enough not to have yet analysed, judged, assessed or formulated an opinion on my words….? Or have you already done that before reading this?

Some would say 'think again' or 'try not to think about it'

however, either of the above involves thinking…

we do need mental processes to exist (breathe, heart beat etc. ) and carry out tasks (eat, sleep etc.)

Yet, aside from this…how much do we really need our minds?

pause for thought….?

Does that need to really become a ' pause for thought'.... or can we just let it go altogether ?

How do you choose to free your potential….. :-)

Mine is: It's all a case of 'mind over matter' if you don't mind then it doesn't really matter.

RiCh :-)

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