November 12, 2004

Samia?.....The Samiad???... a connection in the sand, oh and some masks

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Watching all the clips of Menander and reading about there performance of Samia (an obvious type-o, they mean Samiad, lots of wishes surely! remember the one where they went to the future? classic!), anyway I thought it might be worth mentioning a play I saw performed entirely in masks and without words…

I saw 'Island' by Trestle theatre company in Lancaster a couple of years ago and it was amazing. Based on a true life story of an elderly woman found dead on a traffic island the story revolves around her life and how it has lead her to become trapped on this roundabout. I remember coming out of the theatre and talking to my mates about it, and we all could imagine the play with full dialogue! We almost remembered it like that! It was a wonderful comedy because of the way the masks were brought to life by gestures and movements that matched them perfectly. For example the po-faced mask walked pompously and the jolly round mask was a road worker who had some hilarious gestures.

I digress..

The perfect thing about Island was that it could have been watched by anyone of any language. So it's a nice little reference point for me when imagining the use of masks in Greece. The difficulty for the actor I'd think is the fact that they have to perform all the side effects of an emotion rather than the expression itself. For example, slumped shoulders for disappointment, gestures of disbelief for confusement. etc.

The article in reference to the play '5 children and it', sorry, 'Samia' is very useful in understanding more details in the Old comedies and how they were transferred to Rome. For example the role of women in the plays, questions that were raised. And disappointingly, that there was and abandoning of masks. Jim Henson would not be proud. Interesting links at the end to slavery to the media and sitcoms.

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  1. hey, have u guys managed to get hold of the plautus texts?? I#m a bit confused how we only did one week of roman drama, what exactly did it entail>?! ciao MKxxx

    17 Nov 2004, 00:41

  2. You could have more interesting blog entries, Jephcote, seeing as you are such a blog-slut, always commenting and never giving us the good shit.

    26 Nov 2004, 14:29

  3. You cut me real deep just now James!

    27 Nov 2004, 02:52

  4. Richard Jephcote likes to watch.

    He could also have more interesting blog entries…. maybe about Lancashire Hotpots?

    or the Burmese culture?

    can you tell I don't want to pack yet?

    03 Dec 2004, 16:04

  5. OKay well for Burmese culture I suggest you take a quick look at this little suprise I got sorted for you all:


    That's got some interesting mythological facts on teh great culture of Burma.

    Hotpots however…..are wrong.

    03 Dec 2004, 17:49

  6. But you're from Lancashire. That's just wrong.

    07 Dec 2004, 14:42

  7. By the way, I found the website not only arousing, but also extremely interesting. Particularly the information on the Pyinsa Rupa. Let's not forget the Manote Thiha which has 6 legs. Hot stuff.

    07 Dec 2004, 14:45

  8. Hotter than a hotpot you might say!?

    08 Dec 2004, 19:35

  9. I might say that, but I'd be a liar because nowt is hotter than t' Hotpot

    08 Dec 2004, 20:47

  10. Hotpot or lasagne? Like there's a choice!

    08 Dec 2004, 22:19

  11. I think we both know that lasagnes are good, but where is the potato? Where is the excitingly deep dish? Where is the mystery??

    11 Dec 2004, 17:10

  12. I prefer not to have too much mystery in my meals, often leads to troubling circumstances…

    18 Dec 2004, 18:26

  13. georgie

    I love Samiad, i wish he was my bf!

    06 Oct 2006, 04:24

  14. dustin emanuel

    hey me and my class r doing chinese face painting
    so what do u think i should do

    by the way names dustin im 13

    27 Jun 2007, 15:07

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