April 23, 2005

Results of the Actington Stanley Elections

Yes, elections that matter! On a raucous bus journey the votes were made and the results were released.. But for those who weren't on the bus of Flying Saucers, magic carpets, Andrea Bocelli and the arrival countdown. Or for those who didn't even come! here are the results…

in ascending order..

Jimmy Brown : 1 vote (his own vote in fact)
Jack Howson : 1 vote (he personally wasn't aware that he was even running for captaincy)
Gethin Jones: 3
Samuel William Brassington : 4

Due to the closeness of the result, Messers Jones and Brassington have decided to share responsibility Herr Brassington captaining on the pitch, and Jones off the pitch. llon.gyfarchion a hawddamor ag a

In other news I elected myself scribe secretary again, and by unanimous decision Miss Julia Maynard is elected Social Secretary with her first duty to be organising the Battered Dinner Dance.

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  1. Ricardo, love your style of report. makes me laugh…a good choice for scribe in that sense.

    BUT just so you realise…my policy is delegation….Gethin may have a role to play off the pitch…we all will.

    Thankyou all for voting. Lets be like sweb in the summer and coming season : "working hard to get it right

    23 Apr 2005, 15:47

  2. I would just like to confirm that Sam has approached me and asked me to take the position of assistant captain within the team! However, he would like me to clarify that this is not a joint captaincy.

    I would myself like to clarify that my role within the squad will not simpy be to do all the jobs that he doesn't want to do! I am not the secretary – Ricardo is!

    Some would say my job is similar to the milk monitor in primary school – just a job given to the div kid! I would disagree though… cos if someone was nasty to me, I would give them their milk last so it would be warm! So….

    24 Apr 2005, 00:38

  3. Does that mean I'm doing the jobs nobody wants to?

    Sorry about the mixup, I didn't realise we were getting milk, actually thinking about sponsorsip… what company delivers milk to primary schools?

    25 Apr 2005, 12:43

  4. Webby

    Get a life you sad people! You're a bunch of WANKERS!

    25 Apr 2005, 15:13

  5. glad we worked out our 'secretarial' differences ricardo whoa whoa…. gladly take on the role of social secretary. i will mainly be organising the fan base ansd nothing to do with the actually flaying of football. watch my blog for the first social event.

    want to integrate the players and their fans, buliding up a relationship i think is vital to any club….so until then, take care xx

    25 Apr 2005, 16:23

  6. sorry there were many mistakes in that comment, like 'flaying football' whats that then?

    25 Apr 2005, 16:25

  7. Webby… if all the people who have posted on this blog are 'sad people' (bit prep school in't it?!) who need to get a life then what about you foolio? Going and posting on other people's blogs with sweet fa to do with you. GOOD BLOKE!

    26 Apr 2005, 01:36

  8. Webby

    William Hill – Ha! Your names a joke for a start! I'm just saying that you guys shud get a life! Twats!

    26 Apr 2005, 10:29

  9. Why bother arguing with it Will? We must be 'sad', Webby said so, and the opposite opinion of so many could never do anything to change his mind. He's far too clever for us anyway, I mean none of us EVER saw the comic potential of William Hill, he must be the first!

    26 Apr 2005, 10:33

  10. Webby

    Jephcote – what kind of a surname is that? You guys are losers – im not gonna bother from now on! Just get a life!

    26 Apr 2005, 11:31

  11. The Rothelite

    Is each member of Actington Stanley going to be in some kind of executive position. Or are they all the positions available. Not that I want one…

    26 Apr 2005, 12:53

  12. I agree with Webby actually… what kind of surname IS Jephcote? A silly one.

    26 Apr 2005, 15:10

  13. In answer to that I will suggest the rather silly Jephcott society and their web page, specifically this one… link Touche!

    26 Apr 2005, 15:15


    26 Apr 2005, 16:42

  15. I can't this anymore?
    gimme a break...

    26 Apr 2005, 16:44

  16. that's expressionism

    26 Apr 2005, 16:45

  17. Ricardo – you win!
    I'm off to drink some milk! :(

    26 Apr 2005, 16:49

  18. Mwuhahahaha (laughter with knives)

    26 Apr 2005, 16:51

  19. Everybody should have an executive role, except for the Rothalite.

    26 Apr 2005, 22:28

  20. Chinese Guy who falls asleep or goes out to vomit

    You're all fucking wankers!
    Webby? Wanker…
    Jephcote…? Gimme a break

    Get a life and Gethin….get a haircut

    03 May 2005, 14:04

  21. Sadly, I must resign as Director of Footie. The time has come for me to leave this sad little Sunday School for the Almost Gifted and seek my fortunes in the Big Smoke. It has been an honour. Crackers, I say to you. Yosh.

    12 Jun 2005, 19:39

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