February 11, 2005

Into The Wardrobe

Come see my short but sweet Warwick theatrical debut – 'Into the Wardrobe'. It's a short (about 50 mins) play, surreal, funny in a quirky way. Written by a member of Codpiece, acted by members of Codpiece, quite 'Codpiece' in it's style. (Plugging Codpiece a bit here) Not sure how much it's going to be on the door, but it's only to cover the cost of hiring the cooler so it shouldn't be much.

It's on next Saturday (26th Feb) at 5:15 in the Cooler.

Look out for the posters going up soon!

edit – Unfortunately the play is void of anything from Narnia, I wish it had some talking animals in it as much as the next man!

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  1. is that you on the right of the poster?

    12 Feb 2005, 09:48

  2. yeah

    12 Feb 2005, 18:38

  3. How can you tell Claffam?

    14 Feb 2005, 20:09

  4. it looks exactly like ricardo!!when i saw the poster hanging innocently off my refridgerator (middle fridge, h block, top floor -mines the third shelf from the bottom that is currently being invaded by my unknown enemy and his incessant array of smelly tupaweared foodstuffs) i had an impulsive, electric urge to shout ricardo...woooaaaaaaaaah at the proud figure on the right – you may be in black and hite mr jeffrey but you aint foolin' me!

    Needless to say i suppressed the urge on account of my fear that Takeshi my chinese speaking cohort and only corridor friend (by which i mean we need amiably as we pass) may become vexed at my seemingly inexplicable outbrst and scuttle back to the shelter of his room, making my continued english tutoring impossible and rendering previous lessons – including the words mumble and tunafish – futile.


    16 Feb 2005, 18:22

  5. And how drunk exactly was mr jack howson when writing his little story?! Not up to your usual standards jack… very sloppy. SEE ME

    17 Feb 2005, 19:25

  6. I see you everyday!

    I thought it was an informative and inspiring post myself, and considering it was 22 past the eighth hour i sincerely doubt i was intoxicated…

    In addition I'd like to point out that Takeshi (see above) is no longer my corridor friend.
    2 days ago i accidentally left my favourite jacket (and i might add 2 very special ickle badges) in the kitchen. The following day ireturned to find it was gone, after a party from the usually reserved takeshi.
    Distressed and tearful i stumbled towards takeshi's room who, despite having an unlocked door, would not reply to our incessant knocking.
    After advice me and julia maynard decided to barge in regardless….
    suffice to say our discovery was unexpected:
    Absent was Takeshi but his floor was ocupied by a sleeping man (this was four in the afternoon) and my jacket was nicely hung up!
    We grabbed the jacket and ran….thiefs!
    Not only had they removed it from the kitchen and hung it up, they had adjusted the sleeve fittings for their comfort! In response Sleepy McFloor could only add 'um yeh, didnt know whose it was'

    I would like to point out the friendship – deep seated and affectionate as it was – has been thrown into doubt. Furthermore he had removed our warden's signs ad put them on his pinboard?!(though i may have had a hand in this)

    Erm, anyway…good luck with the play ricardo!

    18 Feb 2005, 16:29

  7. whats it about? or is that secret? i do want to see it, the girl who wrote it's in Romeo and Juliet with me! hope rehersals are going well, ciao mkxx

    18 Feb 2005, 19:54

  8. ciao mkxx

    19 Feb 2005, 00:54

  9. It's a surrealist play on the futility of life, apparently.

    19 Feb 2005, 12:23

  10. Hey Richard! Didn't know you had a blog! Hi! * Waves * And I wouldn't say it was necessarily about the futility of life, just it's randomness. :) Come and see it anyway!

    20 Feb 2005, 00:17

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