March 08, 2005

Actington Stanley AGM 2005

Actington AGM 2005 Minutes

Present – Sam, Geth, Owen, Ricardo, Roth, Jack
MIA : Will, Rhys, Jimmy, Hugh

To be discussed
Dinner Dance
Any Other Business


Progressing, demoralisation an issue. Inside games or outside games Vote - 3 to each side, to be decided. From now on, the nicer Pitch to be booked whenever possible!

Bad performance today but very apologetic and humble. Salutes to him as the rock of our team over the last two terms. He's concerned about defense issues, would prefer more constant subs, a good 5 minutes is better than a poor 10.

Wet t-shirt competition. Improved fitness, dramatic personal improvement! Makes the point that we can't tackle, calls for more maleable passing. Today was best game of his season.

Square formation is way of the future. Pass the ball more often, not always rushing up. Going in to space. Capable of defense. Needs to be more decisive. Finds shouting from the sidelines helpful.

Good goal scorer, good runner, but underachieving? Some fine goals, excellent up front but needs to be more defensively minded. Needs to come in deep so defenders can pass to hiim.

Solid, THE defense, good on the volley, good on the vision. MALEABLE, apologises for todays negativity.

Fitness issues - quit the ol' smokes? hesitates on the ball. Positioning and tactical awareness excellent, never let's his height get him down, a great addition.

Soluble, available, playmaker, communicator, heart of the team, god. More shooting though, more freedom to be the king, whatever wherever.

NEEDS SHOES WITH GRIPS, falls on his arse to many times and slides around. Need a return to the aggression of the early season, needs more confidence and meeting the ball. Positive, maleable,good passing when actually has the ball, fouls well.

Powers of analysis excellent, needs to be more switched on. Indecision however a magnificent comeback from his retirement in Summer 2001, first game in years.Good passing and willingness to learn.

Ball control an issue, but enthusiastic, needs more pace and confidence. Needs to stay awake in lectures, we need him next season too!

Election Speeches
Speeches made for the election of next years Captaincy, still accepting speeches. Votes to be made secretly to Ricardo via MSN.

Gethins Election Speech – Notes
More organised

got up the most - commitment
taken extra responsibilities

Return of the Rota
Rothelite exempt from rota debate, claims (justified) ignorance

Gethins Innovations : Socials - too much tension at end of games
Fitness - don't turn into a pie

Sams Election Speech – Notes
Warming, Growing, captaining, changing, supporting, encouraging, delegationing, talking, texting, training, socialising, democracying, Jugging and Jestering, Varsitying, Making a Difference..........Football.
_Question : Does missing lectures have an adverse effect on play?
Answer : Cheltenham is detrimental to Actington. EXPERIENCE._

Offered Tom a contract, Jules acting as ambassador to Tom. Votes for Tom and his skills to join the team overwhelmingly in favour.

Thursday 8:00 – Drink in Rootes social, bit of pool, bit of table football. Then company picnic outside battered, possible Rotheliting to follow. Dress Code : hats (and clothes). Hugh to be emailed, ALL WELCOME, esp. supporters.

Formation and Training
Tobe decided following captaincy vote.

Special Mentions
To Julia, who is constantly in support, excellent chanting and dancing and moral support, thankyou!!

To Hugh director of football, who is always with us in spirit.

Other business

RAFFLE – signed actington ball, do it for the kids.

ARE SAM AND GETH IN LOVE? – platonically probably, overwhelming vote in favour of the motion. Sam 'wouldn;t call it love as such'.


edit (for Jack)..................MSN ELECTIONS

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  1. i can honestly say that made me laugh out loud and i was there!
    (no laughin' during AGM was carried out with the sincerity it deserved!)

    Thanks to Ricardo for his secretarial prowess

    Elections are exciting…though i was disappointed these minutes excluded the phrase MSN Elections

    Can i just say…..No Hat, No Admittance
    (plus Geth says he is rehearsing till ten…obv we are not cancelling but a reconsider is a possibility…who knows!)
    See You Thursday Boys…

    08 Mar 2005, 19:16

  2. Hugh Denard
    Solid,THE heart of AS, almost god-like in his classical play. Fitness an issue, give up the ol'smokes?concerend about defensive issues. Good analytical skils and always ready to organise a team social

    demoralisation an issue. commitment?work on fitness and attendance, needs to make herself more available

    Elaine T
    solid, exciting, good on the volley. Always ready with an inspirational turn of phrase 'no blueprints'...but sometimes slightly arrogant in her instructions on the pitch 'Am I Right?'...god team player but not captaincy material. Doesn't let her height get her down, good season and a good new attribute to the team

    David Thomas
    Solid, big strong. no frills. we know from his video link up that he has good vision, but sometimes it can get a little hazy

    team leader, fearless, underachieving?needs to be more foreful in the tackle...always brings oranges and orange peel at half time. Needs a return to aggression of old

    intense and young, but lost the dressing off out of the hustle and bustle of uni footy

    Graham W
    fearless, imaginative, brave and loud. sadly missed

    Solid, consistent, clever little passes and agile. Malleable!

    Beechy, The Beach Nut, The Big Beach Ball
    clever, experienced, good out in front. sometimes getslazy and goes through the motions...can be better

    seems to be a good new addition - good communicator, enthusiastic - but is hesitant. will have to wait to make a clearer judgement

    08 Mar 2005, 19:38

  3. Now THAT made me laugh out loud!

    08 Mar 2005, 19:43


    Thank you for making me laugh so hard!

    08 Mar 2005, 21:22


    Hi Guys, im at the learning grid…just looking at some training exercises for the team…hope you are all out enjoying yourselves!!

    Ricardo, well done for the detailed notes…we should get them framed and have them on the wall of Stanley HQ.

    Bye now

    08 Mar 2005, 21:34

  6. absolute classic blog, pat on the back for ricardo woah oooooh oh.thanks for the mention, i am of course actingtons number 1 fan….looking forward to the social, will be sporting a hat of course. excited to see everyones hat contribution!

    08 Mar 2005, 21:45

  7. Gethin's Dad

    Haven't you lot got anything better to do?!?

    Grumpy Old Man (Gethin's Dad)

    08 Mar 2005, 22:44

  8. No,

    09 Mar 2005, 08:52

  9. Many apologies for my absence from AGM. Was in 'black' mood after accusations of laziness, losing, playing a bit shit and my knees hurt. All improving/better now though. As departing captain, would like to volunteer Jack as captain. Played every game, been there since beginning. Am in concurrence with majority of points on an excellent blog entry. Personal suggestion… no negativity. Doesn't help anything. There we go. See you tomorrow y'all for the eagerly anticipated dinner dance. Oh yeah… CONSIDER THAT FOR SOME PEOPLE GETTING ON HATS HAS SERIOUS PRACTICAL DIFFICULTIES!

    09 Mar 2005, 13:11

  10. The Rothelite

    Sam's persona analysis is hilarious. I like that I can comment under a different name its very maleable.

    09 Mar 2005, 14:25

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