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March 03, 2005

Medea 6– A hard days all–night'...Rothelite?'

So it comes to this, sat for my 8th consecutive hour in the editing suite, a can of Grolsh in my hand (dont tell Tim) many a bag of sweets in my stomach, company from Sam Smallman (2nd yr blokie) and Owen who paces the room nervously noting that we've been waiting for this rendering for about an hour now, and if this attempt fails 'like a poor quality piece of shit' like the last two attempts did, Owen will destroy one departmental camera an hour unless we are met immediately by someone who knows what they're doing. Our training was abismal, after spending half an hour working out that the computer we were using and the tape player we were using were not connected to each other by anything more than our good intentions, Nick (2nd yr) proposed the idea of moving on to another computer. This done it was a mere hour before we managed to familiarise ourselves with the controls and capture all the precious filming we've done. An hour on from this point having succesfully mastered the process of putting clips on the timeline, Rothelite entered to comment 'is that all you've done?'. Rothers was lucky to escape without a neutering.

However… apologies… Owen has just broken down in front of the computer as it fools him by starting another process, going from 100% to a brand new 0%. With his new sense of technological insecurity, Owen now claims he will eat a candle if the computer does not meet his demands. It's not the largest candle I've ever seen, but eating candles in general is something not to be taken lightly…..However, we eventually scraped the barrel of our clips, repeated a few and even considered running some in reverse, every clip was considered for slow motion, even the dialgogue, but there came a point when those with foresight to choose another element of the performance entered the room, they were met with gasps of glee (Owen's now chewing the end of the candle btw) because me and Owen had created something that could even be described as 'sexy' and has been, several times, accompanied by 'awws', and 'yeys' and by Roth's 'yes, Yes, YES!'.

That seems a very long time ago though, since then we managed to finish the film!! HURRAH HUZZAH! That is in the sense that we can play it end to end on the computer, how wrong we were to think it all over though. As the past 2 hours have involved missionary work to costcutters, an olympic sprint through arctic conditions to Whitefields for CD-Rs which are useless as the cd writer is playing up, not to mention candle eating, which is worrying me more and more.

On the plus side though, we made it to 4 minutes and Owen has resolved not to eat the wick. So by tomorrow, when we will stagger of the editing suite and straight to the seminar we should have our element of the installation, crisp and ready to go.


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