December 15, 2011

Day of Arrival

I only have 18 days remaining until departure to the University of Warwick. Since no one will be picking me up from the airport (Birmingham International Airport) I emailed the Accommodation Team to ask about how to go the campus from the airport. They were kind enough to inform me of best travel methods. I could have gone directly to Tocil Hall from the airport, good thing I emailed the Accommodation personnel and informed me that I need to go to the Rootes Building first to get my keys.

I will be arriving at the airport by 8am according to my ticket. So, including picking my luggage and travelling from the airport to the campus, I hope to be able to arrive at the campus by 9am.

I have quite a number of things to do when I arrive at the University. These are listed below:

  1. I need to go to Rootes Building to collect my residence keys.
  2. Go to Tocil, meet the Residential staff and deposit my belongings to my room.
  3. Go to the University House Student Reception and surrender my Certificate of enrolment. I need to get my University Card and a certificate of Student Status which I can use to apply to UK Banks.
  4. Go to a UK Bank that can offer me most benefits, and preferably one that does not require me to pay monthly dues and that has 0 initial deposit.
  5. Go to the Center for Scientific Computing and meet my adviser, Professor Rodger.
  6. Familiarize the university. Roam around.
  7. Eat in between.
  8. Sleep when I need to sleep.

If someone is interested to accompany me while I'm on the 6th and 7th task on my list, you are welcome :)

November 25, 2011

Viva Visa!

I finally got an email confirming that my Visa application is positive...

Your visa will be despatched shortly. Passports can normally be collected from the Visa Application Centre after 3 days. Applicants in Australia and New Zealand should allow 3 days before tracking their documents via the local post. UKBA-Manila Visa Hub.

I have been waiting for my passport to be sent to me though for 4 days now. Since i knew about it, I then purchased a ticket for Jan 2 which will allow me to arrive in the morning of Jan 3. Good thing i know someone who runs a travel agency for which i can get a budget plane ticket.

Here is my itinerary...

Manila - Birmingham
Mon 2 Jan 2012

Origin: Manila (Ninoy Aquino Intl Airport) Destination: Guangzhou (Baiyun Int'l Airport)
Departure date: Mon 2 Jan 2012 Arrival date: Mon 2 Jan 2012
Departure time: 17:35 Arrival time: 20:00
Flight number: CZ0398    
Travel class: Business Class Aircraft type: Airbus A320-200
Terminal: I1 Transfer time: 4h : 20m
Flight status: Confirmed    
Origin: Guangzhou (Baiyun Int'l Airport) Destination: Paris (Charles De Gaulle Airport)
Departure date: Tue 3 Jan 2012 Arrival date: Tue 3 Jan 2012
Departure time: 00:20 Arrival time: 06:20
Flight number: CZ0347    
Travel class: Business Class Aircraft type: Airbus A330-200
    Transfer time: 1h : 15m
Flight status: Confirmed    
Origin: Paris (Charles De Gaulle Airport) Destination: Birmingham (Birmingham Intl.)
Departure date: Tue 3 Jan 2012 Arrival date: Tue 3 Jan 2012
Departure time: 07:35 Arrival time: 08:00
Flight number: AF2064    
Travel class: Business Class Aircraft type: Airbus A318
Terminal: 2E

Flight status: Confirmed    
Total travel time: 22h25m

I am very much excited to get my passport and see what a visa looks like :)

November 15, 2011

UKBA Visa Application Center on Nov 18

My Visa document submission is upcoming. I have already obtained the documents that i will be needing to show the Visa Agency Officer.

1. Tier 4 Application Form and Appendix 8

2. Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies

3. Passport

4. Visa photos

5. Evidence of Sponsorship

6. Transcript of Previous Studies

7. Certificate of English Language Qualification

6. Academic Technology Approval Scheme Certificate

I will be scheduled for appointment on Nov 18, 2011. I have to travel for almost 2hrs by plane from my hometown Davao City to Manila to attend to this interview.

Im so excited to submit my documents and finally get my Visa! University of Warwick here I come!

October 22, 2011

Patiently waiting for Visa documents submission…

Finally my ATAS Certificate has already arrived and was approved last October 15. The feeling of excitement as i approach nearer to my dream of studying at the University of Warwick heightened. I immediately booked for an appointment with the UK Border Agency here in the Philippines and will have my chance to submit my documents on November 18, 2011.

I have already booked for a flight from my city (Davao) to the city of Manila where the UKBA office is situated. I feel so excited and nervous at the same time. I need to be able to get a positive response on my visa application as soon as possible so that i can leave the Philippines before the year ends. The Univ of Warwick Graduate School has given me until December to arrive at UK for me to be able to keep my scholarship. I would not want to waste a very good opportunity such as this one.

Im praying and wishing that the Philippine UK Border Agency will give me positive results the soonest possible time in time for my supposed departure on December 27 or 28. I have already contacted a friend who runs a travel agency to take care of my flight from Davao to Manila to UK that would give me the cheapest possible flight cost.

I do hope and pray that everything goes well... i come :)

October 03, 2011

Preparations Part 1

This day should have been the start of my PhD at the University of Warwick. However, I am still in my home country, the Philippines, trying to complete the documents for my Visa application. I am excited, anxious and stressed all the same time at the thought of leaving my country for the first time to pursue a very challenging feat. It has been my dream to study in a foreign university and to be able to study in a very prestigious university such as the University of Warwick is more than what i had expected.

The Center for Scientific Computing for which I will be studying for three or four years have been very helpful and kind as to my financial problem. I was awarded the Warwick Postgraduate Research Scholarship which partially covers for my academic fees and provides for a maintenance fund. I am, however, having difficulty with generating funds for the remaining academic fees. After quite a few email communications with my adviser and the postgraduate team officer, I was given the full funding for my academic fees. This scheme has made me happy and ecstatic at the thought of finally being able to go to UK.

I am now patiently waiting for my ATAS certificate so that I can finally book for an appointment for my Visa. I do hope that it will come soon...

ATAS email printout

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