November 01, 2004

Week5:(History) UNDP Marshland project in Iraq

Writing about web page

This week(it has already last week though) task is some topics related about history.

I found the topic about the UNEP project about Iraqi marshland project. This project is not old so it can be only very very new history, but Japan, where I am from, is the main funding country and also the news is my blog topic so I choose this news.

This Mesopotamian marshlands in southern Iraq was damaged during the regime of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

This project is for restoring Iraqi marshland, where has been alerted the world to their plight by UNEP since 2001, it released satellite images showing that 90% of these wetlands had been lost. Surprisingly, an expert says entire wetlands could disappear entirely by 2005! UNEP said.

'Further studies released in 2003 showed that an additional 3% had gone. Experts feared that the entire wetlands, home to a people who are the heirs of the Babylonians and Sumerians, could disappear entirely by 2008.' and '...the Unep restoration scheme, however successful, cannot hope to restore the wetlands to their former glory' according to the Guardian on 27th September 2004

This article is also mention about the funding and Japanese government is paying 6m pounds for the project through the UN Development Group Iraq Trust Fund

At the World Water Forum held on 16–23 March in 2003, in Kyoto, Japan that UNEP's Post Conflict Assessment Unit stood ready to assist in any project to restore the Iraqi wetlands.

As the UNEP said UNEP itself does not have successful experience to restore marshlands. According to the latest article in DailyYomiuri on 19th October 2004 (not avilable in online), however, the UNEP decided to invite about 120 Iraqi exprert to Japan in the middle of Npvember to train them in water-quality management to help them restore the marshlands.

Not only social or political problems, but also ENVIRONMENT severe problems are facing Iraq and of course the world due to the Saddam regime.

October 18, 2004

Week 3: UNDP work in Iraq

Writing about web page

I'm writing about the United Nations Development ( UNDP ) work in Iraq. The URL below is the homepage.

The UNDP identified three pillars -democratic governance, economic and employment, and infrastructure rehabilitation and the environment.
The aim is to promote interlocking intervention across these three pillars, and to focus on cross-cutting themes and integrating programme.

The UNDP has been engaged in Iraq since 1976.

The assessment of Iraq's reconstruction needs id completed by the United Nations Developing Group, the World Bank Group, with assistance of the IMF.

Latest News

On 5th of October 2004, in Kuwait City, a two-day conference began here today to review and plan the removal of 40 shipwrecks in Iraqi and Kuwaiti waters. The wrecks affect access to Umm Qasr and Az Zubayr, Iraq's only deepwater ports. In addition, the UNDP releaved this pose environmental risks of Persians Gulf.
Click here to see the latest news of UNDP in Iraq.

October 10, 2004

My topic

Writing about web page,

I've decided my topic!
My topic is the United Nations' act to developing countries.
The web pages above are United Nations Developing Programme and United Nations Environment Programme.

October 05, 2004

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