2 weeks of fun??? (14 images)

These are poignant pictures of The 2007 Hebridean Challenge that myself and 4 team memebers particpated in! Loads of fun but very challenging and tiring!

The team met through Sleepmonsters Adventure Racing site, although all very capable individuals how would we all manage spending 2 weeks together with a van as a home?? Real life Big Brother or what! Luckily we all got on fab they became my brothers despite their 1st view of me being a “girly girl!” and apparently ” mmm here we go, we’ll see etc!” So by day 3 they realised I am a tough cookie and don’t care if I have to live on wet wipe washes and no access to a toilet for days on end, and am capable of shouting my mouth at them when neccessary to fire them up!

Ultimately we all had a fab time, it was incredibly tough and yes we all had a moment of wanting the luxury of a bed and hallucinating through being so knackered that we went of course momentarily but hey thats part of pushing your body to its limits.

Best Moment: Mmm racing in such a beautiful part of the country, it was breathtaking just a shame we couldnt take it in too much as racing through! Oh yes the skanky cheese pasty I found in a remote garage shop- I was starving!

Worst Moment: 5 hours sitting on a ferry home just hours after finishing- we couldnt walk when we got off! Pure leg seizure!

Funniest Moments: Crashing the van! how tired! falling into a downward stream in the rain being pulled out by little John covered in pure filth and yes I was laughing to his amusement! Little John claiming to of seen a wild cat???

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