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I decided to do this blog to try and motivate others into achieving their goals and ultimately as an expression of my own trials and tribulations as an athlete!

My 1st memories of sport are as a small child of maybe 5 or 6 on cold winters days sitting on a school coach going to cross country meetings! These days off road running is one of my passions,at this time of year there is no comparison to that of the monotonus roads!The crisp cold mornings, the scent in the air and the sense of silence barr the sound of the birds and deer.This is my running haven;”Bradgate Park” near Anstey, Leicester. My motivation the Post Office coffe shop! Cakes to die for!

Passions run deep which is why I do my job as a Fitness Instructor….apart from running both on and off road I also participate in triathlon and Adventure Racing.

Triathlon is a race consisting of a consequetive swim,bike and run,usually within a Sprint distance format to the ultimate triathletes drream of Ironman Distance.

Adventure Racing (AR) can consist of both road and mountain biking,running,kayaking,open water swimming,climbing and special challenges! The challenge with AR lyes in being able to navigate yourself around the course within time limits and either solo or witihin a team! Is very good fun as Russell discovered when myself and Matt signed him up for last Novembers Dirty Double event in Dorset!

I love to challenge both my physical and mental abilities.. those who know me will tell you the longer and harder the race the more I will thrive! I have participated in many events some of which are listed below and next year my biggest challenge today the Ironman Distance Triathlon!

Why Ironman? Why do I want to spend the best part of a day of my life swimming 2.5mile in a lake, road biking 112 miles and then run a marathon-26.2 miles! Mmmm I have no logically explanantion to be honest it is just something that has driven me over the past year or so. Hopefully with the support of my friends and family and my work colleagues I will achieve my goal!

My training for the Ironman will become a part of this blog. (see at a later date previous race reports)

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