February 05, 2008

Snowdon Marathon

This has to of been the most beautiful,enjoyable marathon that I have ever ran. Despite being really poorly for most of the year and not even ran the month previously I ran it in 4 hours with Paul holding me back all the way! From the start my legs were pinging to go but Paul aka Daddy B had had instructions by others to make sure I went easy! Well I had sneaked out the house in my determination to get to Wales and run!

It was a fantastic day and as the mist cleared on our warm up run to the start it was to be a beautiful sunny October day...I had wanted to do this run for so long and Snowdon is a place I love all year round with many fond memories. Interestingly apart from London marathon it is the only marathon I have ran that has had many people lining the streets cheering you along and holding platters of mars bar pieces/jelly babies etc. The whole run was undulating and stunning. Yes it was hilly especially at 21miles when we turned off the road and faced a huge draggy hill that took us to about 22.5 miles! Mmmm I being me starts to run only to have a Snowdon experienced old boy telling me to follow suit and walk...I soon realised he and the rest of the runners were right!

My heart went out to a guy who was blind and running with his friend, he was a brilliant runner but what a shame he couldn't see the beauty around us. 

Best thing Paul and I did: Trailed the course in the dark on the Saturday night  leaving our own made up drinks bottles in various points of the route to replace used ones! This is something I always do where possible even if I know I am going on a long training session....why? I race and train on what works for me!

For anyone thinking about a marathon this is a must do!!!!!   

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