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May 05, 2008

As Good As It Looks? It looks horrible…

We buy our cats "Felix As Good As It Looks" pouches. My main gripe with them is that they look horrible...

My other issue with cat food is with cat food in general. Apparently cats can't process pig, so you don't get ham flavoured cat food. However, I've never seen my cats eat cows or chickens either (although if they did, I assume they'd be able to digest them), but you can buy beef and chicken flavoured cat food. Also, despite cats seeming to love fish, fish is not a natural food for cats. I have no idea why they go mad for fish.

What our cats seem to like eating are shrews, voles, and the occasional weasel (that was a fun afternoon). Why, therefore, can you not buy rodent flavoured cat food? The most common reason I come across is that we wouldn't like the idea of shrew cat food. My counter argument is it's not our food...

April 03, 2008

2 for 1 deal on laundry captions

Writing about web page

In the latest episode (episode 2) of the 4th season of The Apprentice, the teams had to set up an overnight laundry business. The men did it fine, but the women made the mistake of choosing to go for many small jobs, and managed to mix up - and actually lose - some of the items...

Which leads us on to:

Losing your clients' laundry: Epic Fail


Laundry Business: You're Doing it Wrong

January 06, 2006

Pi is exactly 3!

I've just been searching for random things on Google because I'm bored, and I came up with these:

There are 18,800 hits for 3.14159265359
There are 1,670 hits for 3.14159265358
(Those two were just benchmarks; they're actually Pi – the first one's rounded to 12 significant figures, and the second is the first 12 digits)
There are 102 hits for 3.14159265357
There are 20 hits for 3.14159265356
There are 4 hits for 3.14159265355
There are 242 hits for 3.14159265354
There are 277 hits for 3.14159265353
There are no hits for 3.14159265352
There are 3 hits for 3.14159265351
And at this point I got bored. It's quite worrying, really…

Coincidentally, there are 1,950 hits for pi is exactly 3

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