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June 01, 2008

Having said that…

Follow-up to That's one problem solved from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

The first time I played GTA IV online, there was only one other person there. This, I suspect, was the problem; they were solely concerned with killing me.

I played a few games yesterday afternoon, and actually managed to win two and hold my own on another. I believe this was related to the fact that there were around 4 people this time, so they were distracted with killing the others and I was able to prepare myself and get a few good shots in.

This does, unfortunately, mean that the expiration of my 1 month Gold trial is now a problem again. Damn you Microsoft, and your evil money-grabbing ways!

April 02, 2006

No Purchase Necessary

Update (19th May 2006): The competition is now closed, and Max Dymond was the winner

I'm bored, so I did this:

Wd thmj gt npd gmpmptamt tgat pdmpjd pgmtjd gdt dmjmwmdmt mu md tgdgp datmtpgtd dmpm md dwdpagpd; pmwgmg, ptngmg, jtmpgmg, mp – gm Pamtjamd – tgpmwgmg gdatw thmgp bmu gm tgd waw tgat njw Pamtpmdm bm tmeqtamd

And while it may look like meaningless garbage, it is in fact perfectly meaningful coded garbage. It's also a quotation, so the views expressed in it are not necessarily my own; it just amuses me…

Anyway, whoever decodes this first, and posts the answer either in a comment or a trackback, wins a J2O next term (as such, this is only open to people at Warwick).

No Purchase Necessary, Terms & Conditions Apply.

1. This competition is open to all current members of the University of Warwick aged minus infinity to plus infinity, inclusive, excluding all employees of, their family, pets, infectious diseases, and tandem bicycles.
2. No bees
3. No purchase necessary; post solution in a comment or a trackback.
4. The first correct answer received will win the prize.
5. If a J2O cannot be found, we reserve the right to substitute something else.
6. mmmmm! pie
7. This competition is not affiliated with anyone it's not affiliated with.
8. Prepositions are words you should not end sentences with.
9. Any other terms and conditions I think of later also apply

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