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December 08, 2006

OK, so I lied; I couldn't help myself…

Follow-up to I gots Mii a Wii! from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

Well, I was planning on just making sure everything was working and having a quick look at the settings, but I couldn’t help myself…

I stayed up ‘til 3am creating a Mii and playing on Wii Sports.

The point-and-click works very well; it behaves just as you expect, so it’s very easy to use. The motion sensing works brilliantly, too; and I know you don’t need the full “real” motion for Wii Sports, but it’s just more fun.

Wii Sports is great – I’d say Tennis is the best, then Bowling; my timing sucks on Baseball and I haven’t quite got the knack of the correct “strength” for Golf. Boxing is quite fun, and a good workout if you really get into it, but it didn’t pick up on every punch – still quite good, though.

The Mii Channel is a surprisingly good way to pass the time; I managed to get quite a good caricature of Mii with it, too.

I was very surprised by just how tiny it all was; the box that it all comes in is a similar size to the Xbox 360. I was also worried that the Wiimote was going to be a little large to access every button easily, but it really isn’t; it’s pretty much the perfect size, and all the main buttons are easily withing reach.

I’ve also just had a go on the Shopping Channel; a little slow, but not infuriatingly so. I bought Donkey Kong Country (a SNES game I had but haven’t got on another console) and tried it out; It works very well with no problems that I encountered.

Anyway, lunch time; I’ll let you all know what I think of Twilight Princess, Red Steel, and Raving Rabbids later…

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