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October 17, 2005

It's all very confusing…

Follow-up to Dammit from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

It seems to have inflated easily enough, so it doesn't appear to be a puncture. I'm sure it was fine when I left campus, though…


Follow-up to Bicycle Puncture II: The Revenge! from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

I've got another blasted flat tyre…

September 29, 2005

Inventions that changed the world

Follow-up to Bicycle Puncture II: The Revenge! from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

Can you get run–flat tyres for bikes? You should be able to; they'd solve all my problems…

September 28, 2005

Bicycle Puncture II: The Revenge!

When we were doing–up my bike the last time, we found tyres that were more resistant to punctures (toughened, or something) and inner tubes that were supposed to plug–up punctures using the slime they have inside.
On Monday night I got a puncture, and on Tuesday morning I had a flat tyre…
This was made more annoying by the fact I had my first lecture of the term at 9 o'clock the next morning. I think it was probably because it was a metal screw; large and not particularly supple, and apparently too much for the tyre.
So I walked in on Tuesday morning, and got a taxi home Tuesday evening (I'm lazy). This morning I decided to have a look at the tyre in the hour I'd set aside for walking to my lecture; it's a 45 minute walk or a 15 minute cycle. As it turns out, the slime seems to have worked; I managed to inflate the tyre long enough to get to campus. There's still a slow bubbling (because of the slime) through a small hole but I'm hoping that the air pressure and centripetal force will help to plug it up…

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