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May 27, 2006

Txt Spk

Writing about web page

wotz d point of "txt spk"? ive nevr encountered a situAtN whr I Cnot uz normL, decent eng; my syntax mA tAk a hit – "cmptr ded" az opOzD 2 "my cmptr iz ded" – bt I considR DIS a minor prob; failing dat I c%d alwys spred it Ovr two msgz; iz "propR eng" rly not wrth 10p (i.e. d 10p on top of d 10p 4 d msg U hav 2 snd anyway)? 2ndlE, I find it EZer 2 uz normL wrds thN 2 uz dEz "abbreviations" (rED: abominations ;) ) since Ive Bin spkN & writiN coReclE 4 somwher rownd 2 decades, bt hav nevr felt d nEd 2 embrace this… this… unnecessity. NEway, itz l8, so datz bout d limit of my near–sleep debating skiLz, so I'll jst finish w "DIS 'txt spk' crp iz aL a load of bolX".

10 points to the first person who can tell me what the hell I just said…

Another 10 points to the first person that can list all the normal English words the translator couldn't cope with; a hint: they're usually the long ones most in need of abbreviating.

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