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October 14, 2006

Planet Corduroy

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Just got back from Marcus Brigstocke’s Planet Corduroy tour. It was hilarious, and I recommend anyone at Warwick to try at catch the show on the 15th.

He did a lot of great material from The Now Show and The Late Edition, as well as from the Comedy Store and a lot of material I didn’t recognise that he may or may not have done before that I just hadn’t seen…

He covered Kim “I’m So Ronery” Jong Il’s recent nuclear test, Daily Mail readers, his prick-of-a-next-door-neighbour, and Tigger & Jafar fighting at Disneyland Paris to name but a few.

Not bad for a man with smelly wrists (according to his warm-up act…)

I also got to shake his hand and tell him how great he is while we were waiting for the taxi at the stage door.

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