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December 25, 2006

I Sure Am Beat

It’s been a little under 4 months since I started scheduling daily videos here, and I’m knackered; it’s surprisingly hard work, especially for someone who’s lazy…

So I’ve decided I’ve had enough; I’m bored with them and I’m going to stop. I’m still going to post videos that I’ve made (such as the USB Hub that can blow up the world), but it’s not going to be daily; apart from anything else, I’m guessing you’re as sick of them as I am…

However, as a final video post I thought I’d showcase some of the best.

So, without further ado, we present:

The 15 Best Videos from TROTT’s Video Period, in Chronological Order…

The Microsoft iPod 2005 Packaging

Human beings and fish can coexist peacefully

G! R! Double-E! N! Leaves!

1 Skin, 2 Skin, 3 Skin, 4…

Possibly the best advert in the world

The Origin of Golf

The Contrabulous Fabtraption of Professor Horatio Hufnagel

And it all started as a way to keep squirrels off bird tables…

Bless you!

Roller Blades + Part-Filled Bottles = Mozart’s 40th…

Stop Motion Animation At Its Finest

When Pacman Ghosts Attack!

Torn 2

I can’t even juggle 3 normally…

So Sleepy…

Honourable Mention

The Legend of Zelda

I’m not going to post all 7 videos again, but’s Zelda Retrospective is fantastic, and if you enjoyed it I recommend you download the originals from their site; here’s a handy link to help…

December 11, 2006

So Sleepy…


August 27, 2006

All of our operators are busy at the moment

Having settled for the default pre–recorded voicemail message for my mobile for quite some time, I've just changed it to:

Thank you for calling. Unfortunately all of our operator is busy at the moment; your call is important, so please leave a message after the tone

This is probably one of those things that's only funny at half–four in the morning…

December 04, 2005


Well, I'm home now; my Dad came down after the stage show he was doing the lights for had finished and arrived about 2–ish, and we've just got back.
I'm going to bed now…

Have a good Christmas, everybody!

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