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September 18, 2006

Stupid spam

I’ve had a few really stupid pieces of spam lately, and I mean more stupid than Penis Enlargement Pills sent to my cat (yes, he has an email address). They’re claiming to be from Barclays Bank, and the subject is “Confirm your details to avoid service cancellation”, or words to that effect.

Now, I was always under the impression that banks take your money and invest it to make piles o’ cash for themselves; this is why they pay you an annual fee to encourage you to open an account; this is also, presumably, where they get the funds to cover loans and overdrafts.

Therefore, they last thing they’ll want to do, surely, is close your account for something as trifling as not being able to contact you; in fact the last I heard (which was, admittedly, quite some time ago) there were Swiss Banks still refusing to release Holocaust-victims’ funds to their children 50 years after they died…

January 08, 2005

There are some really stupid people out there…

National Lottery quiz thing:
Q: What is the third planet from the Sun?
A: [after a bit of thinking] Mars

Who wants to be a millionaire?:
Which of these is not normally written in a poetic style?
A: Ode B: Prose
C: Verse D: Limerick
And the fool goes, after 50/50, for D. Even I knew that one…

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