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December 26, 2006

Deal or No Deal Random Number Generator

Follow-up to Think of a number… from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

and writing about web page

I’ve just thrown together a script the generates the numbers 1 to 22 in a random order and presents them as a rough approximation to the UK (obviously) DoND boxes. The presentation needs a little tweaking, but the pseudorandom numbers seem to work properly.

As I say on the page, I accept no responsibility for you doing badly and reserve the right to worry about the mental state of anyone who would blame me for them losing…

Think of a number…

Think of a number, multiply it my two, add your age, half it, add the individual digits together repeatedly until you have a single digit, subtract it from the number you first thought of, ignore the minus sign (if any), and that’s the box you choose for Deal or No Deal; well, it makes about as much sense as any other method…

Seriously, though, I know this entry is coming quite a way into the show’s life (I usually manage to avoid it, so don’t often think about it), but how on earth did we get a game show based around the concept of choosing random numbers!? And how did Noel Edmonds get back on the air (not that I have anything much against him, he’d just been off the telly for so long…)?

July 26, 2006

How odd…

Apparently if you wear glasses that make things look upside down for long enough your brain cottons on and makes things look the right way up, and then things look upside down without the glasses…


June 01, 2006

It's easier for a rich man to pass through the eye of a needle…

I bought a packet of safety pins recently and found this in the bag as well:

Half a needle

It's the eye of a needle and only a little bit of a shaft; the end is clean, so it hasn't snapped off. It's sitting in front of an penny for comparison.

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