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December 31, 2006

The Big Fat Blog Entry Of The Year 2006

Follow-up to The Big Fat Blog Entry Of The Year 2005 from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

Well, I did this last year, so decided to do it again…

Let me know if any of the links don’t work; I have checked, but there are a lot of them…

Also, I apologise for any bad typing in this entry but my cat’s getting in the wayjdfbsioo0xjsoisbbkfderdoji.

Anyway, on with the show:


I rang in the New Year, I failed to have a BBQ, I discovered people don’t know the value of Pi, I found out a lot of interesting facts about me, I spent too long on a mobile contract, my bike got a puncture so I tried to think of alternatives, some students’ passwords were leaked, and I changed to Vodafone and got an N70.


I was glad I was only doing a BSc, I rediscovered the joys of Edinburgh Castle Rock, I voiced my puzzling over the size of the new Minis, and I found out what Science is.


I finished my Project Report, I discovered IE7 was going to be great, I finally got all the hearts and the Queen of Spades, I bought a back-lit keyboard, I learned not to ignore credit card bills second hand, I offered Free Nothing to Warwick Bloggers, and I couldn’t resist a challenge.


I offered a J20 as a prize to a competition, I lost network connectivity, monopoly, and sleep, and I discovered that Derren Brown is a marvelous man and this was the best live performance I’d ever been to.


I found the tweezers for my little pen knife, I discovered who Voices the Balls, I found an image from ages ago of the old and new lottery logos, I complained about ‘txt spk’, and I praised the wondrousness of KFC.


I found a duff needle, I had a photo stolen by the BBC, I discovered that Fire Kills Children, and I Passed.


The BBC stole another of my photos, I officially became Unemployed, I couldn’t get my head around some Monopoly House Rules and was impressed by how many people know the same rules, I enjoyed seeing the Doctor kick Dalek and Cyberman arse, I graduated, I finally got round to buying a powerful enough UPS and discovered it is less-dense than graphite, I acknowledged St Swithin’s Day, I ranted about Never Mind the Full Stops, I never did find out what ‘Hackneyed’ meant, I decided to migrate North for the summer, I provided a breakdown of the Internet, I complained it should be ‘fewer’, I couldn’t fit the answer in Blogger, and I hated IQ tests.


I complained about Jury Service, I bought a second domain, I looked in the dictionary for proof, I started blogging amusing videos, I startled a fly, I pondered the practicalities of using the LOST numbers for the Lottery, I discovered Guide Horses, I was indifferent to Pluto’s demotion, and I set a personal voicemail greeting.


I started scheduling amusing videos, I compared Warwick Blogs and Blogger, I made a joke, I got a lot of comments, I found a fantastic image from MS Paint, I hated a second IQ test, I found the real Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, I was desperate for the loo, I failed to photograph lightning, I found how long I need to wait, I boggled at my cat’s spam, I had trouble with my new user name, and I realised why DHARMA don’t use Micro$oft.


I discovered <notextile>, I rolled on the floor laughing my arse off at a panda, I went to see Marcus Brigstocke, I invented the Topical Pizza (but possibly after someone else already had), I bought the greatest USB hub ever, I found my blog’s Google PageRank, I started a Campaign for Political Correctness, and I imposed a speed limit on my blog.


I discovered that it helps to check your sources, I failed to find a video of the best act at the Secret Policeman’s Ball but found him doing it at an earlier gig, I continued my Campaign for Political Correctness, I celebrated my blog’s second birthday, I posted the Rules for Comedy Shows, I revisited the moon landing, I found the fantastic Zelda Retrospective, I solved the mystery of why bad things happen to good people, I saw Watchdog balls-up sudoku, and I discovered that Big Brother was going to be with us until at least 2010.


I came across a good joke, an American woman lowered my opinion of her nation’s citizens, I traded-in my old consoles and games in preparation for the Wii, I finally bought a Wii after months of eager anticipation and I wasn’t disappointed (especially not with Twilight Princess), I wondered why they’d waited until after the launch if they were genuinely concerned, I managed to tear myself away from Twilight Princess to look at Red Steel and Raving Rabbids, I created my first eBay auction for several months, I created pretty pictures of my Wii Console Number, I posted the third installment of my Campaign for Political Correctness, I finally got a copy of Wii Play and a second Wiimote, Nintendo launched the Wii’s Forecast Channel, I discovered a new word, I gave my opinion of Wii Play, I found out what the next Harry Potter book will be called, I cracked a joke, I wished everyone a Merry Politically-Correct Christmas, I stopped scheduling amusing videos, I thoroughly enjoyed The Runaway Bride, I finally got around to boggling at Deal or No Deal, I created a Deal or No Deal Box Order Generator, and I bought some yogurts from the Co-Op.

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