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August 31, 2007

Well, it was certainly pretty wet…

Writing about web page

The UK's had massive flooding that some have called a humanitarian disaster (which I think is a bit excessive; surely that lumps it together with Darfur...) and, according to the Met Office, this only might be the wettest summer since 1914.

If this could turn out to only be the second wettest summer, I'd hate to have experienced the summer of '59...

April 26, 2005

First lecture of the term

Cycling in the rain is not that nice…

February 10, 2005

This is a public service announcement

If you step on a loose paving slab after it has been raining you are likely to end up with a wet foot.
Try to avoid stepping on loose paving slabs after it has been raining, unless they happen to be cunningly disguised as normal paving slabs like the two I found…

Still, at least I have matching wet feet…

February 05, 2005

The joys of cycling in the rain…

Um… nope, can't think of any. Never mind…

November 28, 2004

Look at me! I'm soaking wet!

Cycling in the rain is actually rather pleasant…

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