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November 29, 2005


Follow-up to Poster Woes from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

I've also just noticed a huge, massive, really stupid mistake:

On the poster I have an equation that correctly says that the velocity is proportional to the depth of the water; as the water get shallower the wave slows down.
However, the text I wrote to acompany this diagram says the complete opposite; that the velocity is inversely proportional.
This happens just after a section of text giving the correct relation.


November 28, 2005

Poster Woes

Writing about web page

I have to make a poster on a physical principle for Communicating Science tomorrow on How Tsunami Occur and it has to be printed on an A1 sheet. None of this is a problem; I set the size to be A1, created my poster with decent-resolution images, saved it as a PDF, and burnt it to a CD. The Physics department has an A0 printer, so printing wouldn't be a problem…

The problems only started when one of my friends was looking at the A4 printout I'd done and spotted a spelling mistake ('in' instead of 'is'). I just had to accept this as there wasn't really anything I could do to the PDF to correct it.
The next problem was that, after printing the poster I realised it had done it at A0 size; twice the size it's supposed to be. I checked with the guy in charge of the module and he said we'd just have to go with it as anything else would involve wasting paper and ink. An unfortunate consequence of this is that the spelling mistake is now twice the size it should have been…
The third problem occurred when I was removing the elastic band to show a couple of friends how ridiculously big the poster was and I put a small tear in the side.
Finally, when I was rolling it up after that, it got a spot of liquid on it that has blotted a small bit of the poster.

Still, at least it's done. Now all it has to do is survive until tomorrow…

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