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December 01, 2004


Final sentence of Physics Essay on SETI:

'Is there life on other planets? The truth is out there…'

November 11, 2004

The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence

Thank God that's over!

The presentations for the 2nd Year Physics Essay module were today. We were split into small groups, and my presentation was at 3:10 pm, nearly the last one, so I had to sit through most of the others before it was my turn. They were mostly good, but one or two weren't presented in the most exciting way…
In the morning, before the lunch break, I was fine; no nerves, and enjoying the other presentations. In the afternoon my nerves caught up with me and the butterflies started fluttering. When it came round to my turn, though, the nerves went away and I was fine. It’s fairly obvious from the title, but mine was on SETI; I was up until midnight finishing it off.
The time just seemed to fly by, but apparently it was around the 15 minutes. I didn’t do so well with the questions at the end, but the Assessor certainly seemed to be impressed with the talk itself.
I don’t know what mark I got, since they haven’t been moderated yet, but apparently everyone in the group was between and 50 and 80%, so that’s alright.

So, no deadlines until Week 10. Yay!

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