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May 11, 2006

A funny thing happened to me on the way to work this morning

Well, actually, a funny thing happened just now as I decided to take a break from sitting down and left my room to wander around downstairs.

I have one of those little Victorinox key rings with tweezers, a little knife, scissors, a screwdriver/nail file, and an LED, and some time last term (I can't remember exactly when) I lost the tweezers. Presumably they got pulled out when I took my keys out of my pocket at some point; I was pretty sure it was in the house, and thought it might have been in the entrance hall. Anyway, just now as I left my room I noticed something catching the light from the window on the floor outside my door; I thought it was a bit of the plastic strip that makes getting into DVDs easier, and was going to ignore it but decided to pick it up and – assuming it was said plastic – throw it away. What should I find instead, but the tweezers I'd lost. So, yay.

What makes this serendipitous happenstance even more bizarre, is that I'd just finished watching the episode of House with the faith healer and the apparent miracles.

Coincidence? I'm thinking "pretty much"...

September 08, 2005

Ah ha!

Follow-up to I'm confused… from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

I've just figured out what happened, because I've just done it again, but realised in time to correct it:

When I was doing the real entry (either creating or editing) I must have gone to edit the old entry, and then done the later entry, which overwrote the old entry because it was the last entry accessed.

I know this, as I say, because I've just done it again. My entry from a moment ago contains "". I knew I'd already used it in an earlier entry, so when I came to the point where I wanted to enter it, I went to edit for the old one and copied the html. I then switched back to the window with the new entry in and pasted it, and finished the entry. When I published it, the entry wasn't there.
I searched, and found it had replaced the older entry. Fortunately, I could go to "Work offline" and use the cached edit page to restore the correct content.

So, mystery solved. Just a shame I can't recover the other entry in the same way; too long ago…

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