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September 07, 2007

Moonbase Azǔ

Writing about web page

Apparently the Russians are planning to build a base on the moon by 2025. It could be used for manned missions to Mars, among other things.

However the more important question is: who is going to get the rights to the live 24 hour TV broadcast of the journey and construction?

I see visions of Davina McCall bouncing around on the Moon informing one of the workers that he's been voted off...

November 16, 2006

More Moon Landing

Follow-up to Moon Landing from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

I’ve just found this, it’s from Penn & Teller: Bullshit!. For the record, I think the moon landing happened, mainly because every piece of so called “evidence” against it I’ve encountered is a steaming pile of bull crap…

My three-pence-worth:

  • No stars: Duh! (Sorry, but it’s appropriate in the context) Go out at night one time near some street lights and see how few stars are visible, then look at the moon and see how much light it’s reflecting, then find a photographer friend to show you how little detail there is of dark bits in photos of very bright and very dark sections together, then imagine you’re on the quite reflective moon in sunlight with bright white spacesuits with the intention of examining the moon not the stars and think how few stars you’d see…
  • Waving flag: Duh! (Sorry, again) They were moving it. Of course it’s going to bloody wave; planting the flag is going to make it move, and with no air for friction… (the material itself is probably thin and light so probably wouldn’t slow itself much)
  • A rock with a ‘C’: (Assuming the C is really there and not a developing flaw:) Wow! A ‘C’ on a rock! Amazing! And look; the moon looks a bit like a face! And there’s a bunny in the cloud, and a dragon in that one! And have you ever noticed how much a crescent moon looks like a ‘C’? A cookie with a bite out of it, too. And look! There are grey spots between the squares of the grid! And wow! It looks like there’s a triangle between the dots but there isn’t really!
    Human beings are the experts when it comes to finding patterns where there are no patterns to find; I’m sure one or more of us even wrote the book on it…

NASA has video evidence of the landing and moon rocks that are completely unlike anything from Earth, in my opinion the conspiracy nuts have nothing. The ball is in the the nuts’ court; NASA has nothing to prove, but the nuts have everything to prove…or should that be “disprove”?

September 15, 2005

Moon Landing

I was bored so I've just been looking at pretty pictures on Encarta, and I decided to look for a video of the moon landing (I'd never managed to find one) but it didn't have it.
However I managed, this time, to find a nice high–quality video online (here if you want to see). I, personally, believe the moon landing was real; I can think of too many ways to pooh–pooh the Against arguments.
Anyway, watching it I found probably the most conclusive evidence for the landing; when he steps out of the pod thing, he says:

That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

He was supposed to say (and this is also the most logical thing to say):

That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind

If billions of dollars were being spent to fake the moon landing, then they'd have damn well made sure the actors got their lines right…

Update: Here is an MP3 I recorded from the video I downloaded with "for man" repeated 9 times after the first to give you a chance to listen carefully to see that there is no "a".

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