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September 21, 2007

TROTT's Theory of Browser Theology

(Disclaimer: I am using the Abrahamic Religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - a wonderfully useful term I came across on Wikipedia) as the primary analogues because the UK is officially Christian. It isn't a commentary on other religions, except one which you'll see at the end...)

Firefox is a lot like one of the Abrahamic Religions. Opera, which is just as good but with some extras and some omissions compared to Firefox, is like one of the other two (it doesn't really matter which you assign; I'm classing all three as being at the same level as each other).

Safari is like an Eastern religion; theoretically just as likely to get you in the good books of however many gods you believe in, but significantly different to the "western browsers".

Internet Explorer, on the other hand, is most definitely Scientology...

July 17, 2007

European Religions

(This entry was supposed to be called "European Religions, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying But Start Being Confused When I Found That Our God Is Apparently Telling Them To Kill Us", but it complained that the title was longer than 100 characters...)

I've always known that Christianity sprouted off from Judaism, but I only recently discovered that Islam did the same (I think about 400-ish years later). Here's a handy diagram:

Judaism (Black), Christianity (Blue), and Islam (Green)

A timeline with black for Judaism, blue for Christianity, and green for Islam.

There's no explicit start date for the timeline, but one can assume that it ends at "now". Jesus turned up at point A, which is about the year 0 in the Christian calendar, and started preaching. His followers (technically Jews) believed him to be the son of God, but the rest of the Jews didn't accept him as the Messiah but did accept him as a prophet (like Moses and the rest of them). So:

  • Jesus is the Son of God in Christianity.
  • Jesus is just a prophet in Judaism.
  • It's the same "God" in both.

Then at point B (about year 0 in the Muslim calendar) Mohammed comes along and starts preaching. However most of the Jews want nothing to do with him. Obviously he won over some Jews to his cause but, unlike with Jesus, Judaism wants nothing to do with Mohammed - it doesn't accept him as a "real" prophet. So:

  • Jesus is the Son of God in Christianity.
  • Jesus is just a prophet in Judaism and Islam.
  • Mohammed is The Prophet in Islam.
  • Mohammed is a "false prophet" in Judaism.
  • Mohammed doesn't have any connection to Christianity because it had already split before he arrived.
  • It's still the same "God" in all three cases, it's just we can't agree on what he wants from us...

So Jews are Jews, Christians are Jews that accept the Old Testament but tweak it to reflect the preachings of The Messiah, and Muslims are Jews that said, "Ah, yes. We weren't quite right with the Old Testament. Here's how it should have been..."

It's also important to note that, I believe, all three religions have it as fundamental to "love thy neighbour" or words to that effect; I'm 99% sure that none of them have "killing the infidel"*. In fact, one of the fundamental precepts of the Islamic faith is giving to charity; how much do you give to charity Mr I'm A Racist Christian Who Thinks The Muslim Scum Should Sod Off Back Home, eh? Think about that the next time you blame all Muslims for all Terrorism. 


* A note to the people who shout religion at you on the street: I'm also 99% sure that Christianity has nothing about "convert the infidel"...

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