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September 04, 2006

BBC – Test The Nation

Follow-up to IQ Tests from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

I still hate IQ Tests, and the BBC’s Test The Nation is the worst of the lot. For one thing, doing it online is a tedious affair; despite the fact you cannot change your answer, it still insists on waiting the full time limit for each question. Plus the questions are just as annoying, maybe more; I’m sure the Spot The Difference photos are the same…

I still don’t see what many of them have to do with intelligence, but admitedly I can’t think of something I would be happy with; maybe something along the lines of “some object weighs 20 grams plus a third of its weight; how much does it weight” (I know it’s about mass not weight; I can’t think of a correct accessible way of phrasing it…).

Anyway, I got 127; same as the last one…

My breakdown is:

  • TOTAL: 53/70 (I think I missed one because I was reading the FAQ while I waited; the rest’ll be properly wrong)
  • OBSERVATION A (9): 6
  • LOGIC (14): 9
  • PUZZLE SOLVING (14): 10
  • PERCEPTION (15): 13
  • OBSERVATION B (9): 7

July 30, 2006

IQ Tests

Writing about web page

I generally hate IQ tests; they always seem annoying and boring, and they often insist on testing memory; my memory's not too bad, but I can't do these questions that flash a huge block of text for less time that it takes to realise that it was there and then ask you to repoduce it exactly (that was along the lines of the IQ test I tried from the BBC a few years ago). To me, memory isn't a sign of intelligence; someone isn't clever if they can write out an equation they only saw for less than a second – they're clever if they can give you the answer.

Anyway, back to the point:

I generally hate IQ tests, but I've found quite a nice one that only has 40 questions (I think; I was too busy anwering to notice the numbers).

If you're in two minds about doing it: my IQ is apparently 127. There, now you have to do it to get a better 'score' that I did…

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