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June 04, 2008

I'm With Stupid →

Writing about web page

It's embarassing to think I share a country with ignorant pricks like these...

May 20, 2008

'Phone calls database considered'

Writing about web page

Oh for the love of all that's sane. Where to begin? No...all right? Just "No".

This kind of shit is why I have less than no faith in politics.

It was a stupid idea before, it's still a stupid idea, it won't work, it'll be too easily abused, and I seriously doubt it'll catch any real dingleberries.

Whatever happened to privacy?

Whatever happened to this being a free country?

What makes the government think they can protect this data? They don't exactly have a good track record...

January 08, 2005

There are some really stupid people out there…

National Lottery quiz thing:
Q: What is the third planet from the Sun?
A: [after a bit of thinking] Mars

Who wants to be a millionaire?:
Which of these is not normally written in a poetic style?
A: Ode B: Prose
C: Verse D: Limerick
And the fool goes, after 50/50, for D. Even I knew that one…

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