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March 01, 2005

HTTP Error Message Haiku

Writing about web page

Here are the 18 Haiku poems that I wrote for the custom HTTP error message pages I created for my website:

400 – Bad Request

Your request was bad
Your syntax was invalid
Please try it again.

401 – Unauthorised

The Website you seek
Is hidden from view, and so
Permission denied.

402 – Payment Required

Payment is needed
Data not accessible
It's my fault, sorry

403 – Forbidden

The Website you seek
Is hidden from view, and so
Permission denied.

404 – Not Found

The page that you seek
Does not appear to exist
So please try again.

405 – Method Not Allowed

Method not allowed.
Possibilities include:
Connect, get and post

406 – Not Acceptable

Unaccepted file
Your browser does not like it
Cannot read format

407 – Proxy Authentication Required

Browser does not have
Proxy authentication.
Check parent controls

408 – Request Timeout

You ran out of time
The server closed the socket
Try clicking refresh

409 – Conflict

There is a conflict
Too many requests for file?
Try again later

410 – Gone

The website you seek
Cannot be located, but
It may return soon

411 – Length Required

Content–length needed
Try sending the file again
Better luck next time

412 – Precondition Failed

The browser or the
Server require a setting
That has not been met

413 – Request Entity Too Large

Process is too large;
Download too big to process,
Or upload can't fit

414 – Request URI Too Large

URI too large
It is too long to handle
Make it shorter please

415 – Unsupported Media Type

Server cannot read
The media you're loading
It's not supported

416 – Requested Range Not Satisfiable

Range not satisfied
The file does not fit in it
So please try again

417 – Expectation Failed

Requested action
Cannot be preformed by the
Wondrous pinkstuff

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