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July 12, 2005

Quick! To the Air–Con Showroom!

England should not be this hot; it's just not natural. England is wet and rainy, that's what makes it British…

I hate the Summer; I loathe and despise it with a vengeance. In fact if it had an anthropomorphic personification, I would kick it when it was down…

May 01, 2005

May your camels be ever fruitful

I dislike the Summer; this amount of heat is not natural for this country.
Don't get me wrong, I quite like The Sun, things always seem to look at their best on a sunny day, it's just the heat I can't stand.
I was awful yesterday; really hot and stuffy. The thunder storm seems to have cleared the air a bit though, which is good.

"Right", he said to himself, reaching for the Argos catalogue, "how much are Air–Conditioners?"

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