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June 26, 2008

Google App Engine is quite easy to use

Writing about web page

6 times 9 Media Library logo

I made a Media Library using Google App Engine, if anyone's interested. It allows you to build up a list of all your various media (DVDs, CDs, video games, etc.), categorise them by type, rate them, and keep track of any Items that you've lent to friends.

6 times 9 Media Library screenshot

June 15, 2008

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A

The Konami Code works in Google Reader...

(There's a screenshot on Flickr if you can see the video below.)

Konami Code

May 02, 2008

When were you born?

Writing about web page

A large number of the people that I know have birthdays in either May or October. At least, that's the people that I know where I also know their birthday...

I decided to use Google Docs to see what distribution of birthdays I get from the people who read this blog entry that also decide to fill in the form.

So please fill in the form, and enjoy the pretty graphs:

UPDATE: In response to a comment about privacy, I should point out that all the form asks for is the day and the month. The year is not required, and no other personal information is taken; it's completely anonymous.

Birth Month

Birth Date

April 22, 2008

I don't quite understand Google searches

Everyone will know that you can search Google for a word, and I should hope that everyone will know that you can search Google for multiple words. Fewer people will know that you can tell Google to omit certain words. When we compare these three methods, it shows that Google either doesn't work properly, or doesn't work as we think it does.

Allow me to demonstrate:

At the time of writing, there are about 9,630,000 results for "scientology", and there are about 746,000 results for "scientology -cult" ("Scientology" without the word "cult"). Now, logically, we would therefore assume that "scientology cult" would return the remaining 8,884,000 pages, but instead it gives only about 1,100,000.

What I can't figure out, is what happened to the 7,784,000 pages that neither contain nor do not contain the word "cult"...

February 22, 2008

I can see Stargate Atlantis from here…

According to Wikipedia, in the discussion regarding the new McKay-Carter Intergalactic Gate Bridge, General Hank Landry states that the distance between the Pegasus and Milky Way galaxies is "three million light-years", suggesting that the series takes place in the Pegasus Dwarf Irregular Galaxy.

According to Wikipedia, the Pegasus Dwarf Irregular Galaxy is at RA 23h 28m 36.2s DEC 14 44' 35".

Therefore, according to Google Earth's sky view, this is Stargate Atlantis' Pegasus Galaxy:

Stargate Atlantis' Pegasus Galaxy

You know you're bored when you hunt through the Universe to get a picture of somewhere that doesn't really exist...

January 02, 2007

TROTT's 101 Ways to Pass the Time: #42 Don't Search for Porn

It’s always amused me that if you search for something on Google (kittens, for example) and then do the search again but exclude all pages containing the word “porn” (kittens -porn in this case) the given number of results will always go down; I’ve yet to find a word or phrase that’s so innocent it hasn’t had a single encounter with a reference to porn.

However, what’s confused me about the example I’m using is that kittens returns 12,800,000 pages*, kittens -porn returns 2,680,000 pages* (~10,000,000 fewer!), but kittens porn only returns 844,000 pages*. So either Google searches don’t quite work how I think they do, or 9 million pages keep appearing and disappearing in the time it takes me to search…

(* Correct at time of writing)

October 21, 2006

Google PageRank

Writing about web page

I’ve just found a site that serves an image with the source page’s Google PageRank and I noticed that has a PageRank of 3 but has a PageRank of 4 – Google obviously doesn’t realise that they’re for the same page…

October 06, 2006

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is great, but appears to have stopped working for my blog; it says I’ve had no hits for the past few days, and I know for a fact that I’ve been here and one of the days was when everyone was commenting on the Hoff video, so lots of other people must have been here too.

Has anyone else had this problem, and does anyone have any suggestions?

July 22, 2006

Breaking down the Internet

Using Google I have answered the question of how many web pages there are; there are 137,616,440.

Here's the breakdown:

Porn – 137,000,000 pages
Warwick Blogs – 614,000 pages
Richard Winskill – 2,440 pages

Which also shows that about 2×10-3% of the Internet is about me…

(* Correct at time of blogging)

January 10, 2006

Minor correction

Follow-up to Pi is exactly 3! from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

Since Google's picked up on my use of all those wrong Pis, you should add at least one more hit to each of the quoted values.
I'm the top result on some of them, too…

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