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June 22, 2006

It's finally over, and I didn't fail!

I got my results yesterday, and I got a pass! I'm delighted, because I was expecting to fail, and anything's better than that…

Everyone I've told, the conversation's gone something like this:
Me: I've passed!
Them: Great! So what did you get? 3rd? 2:2?
Me: No. Literally…

June 18, 2005

It's over for another year

My last exam was at 9:30 yesterday, so I'm currently enjoying not having exams for another year–or–so…

June 15, 2005

Nearly there…

Just 2 more exams to fail, and I have the rest of the term to myself.

April 21, 2005

Another one bites the dust…

Exams taken: 3
Exams failed: 3

I can sum the Maths exams up in one word and an ellipsis: Crap…

I definately failed, owing mainly to not attempting enough questions to get a pass.

So, yeah, um… bum…

April 20, 2005

Don't mention Quantum; I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it…

Well, I've failed Quantum Mechanics…

However, I don't think I failed it as badly as I'd expected. I'm pretty sure I've got about 10 marks out of the 50 available; I may even have scraped 15, but I doubt it…

Still, it's better than the zero I was expecting…

Axe Murdering Mime Artists, the silent killers…

A little under two–and–a–half hours to go; time for a bit of last–minute revison, me thinks…

April 08, 2005

No–one ever conquered the world using a beta version

Exams are coming! Head for the hills!

Perhaps some form of revision may be in order; it's just crazy enough to work…

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