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May 13, 2007

So, BBC, was it worth it?

Follow-up to Blasted Eurovision from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

Doctor Who, or us coming second-to-last?

I know what I'd rather watch (not that I actually watched the damned Euro-crappy Catterwauling Contest, but it's the principle...)

I know it's (I believe) ten years Doctor Who's senior, but they should ask themselves this: Which of the two is awesome, and which of the two is a steaming pile of bull-plop?


May 06, 2007

Blasted Eurovision

Damned Eurovision! I can't wait two weeks for more Doctor Who; I get withdrawal...

Why can't they create a new channel - something like "BBC Crap" - where they put stupid things like the Eurovision Song Contest and football matches and all the other nonsense that makes them cancel much better, and far superior, television programmes?

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