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May 05, 2008

As Good As It Looks? It looks horrible…

We buy our cats "Felix As Good As It Looks" pouches. My main gripe with them is that they look horrible...

My other issue with cat food is with cat food in general. Apparently cats can't process pig, so you don't get ham flavoured cat food. However, I've never seen my cats eat cows or chickens either (although if they did, I assume they'd be able to digest them), but you can buy beef and chicken flavoured cat food. Also, despite cats seeming to love fish, fish is not a natural food for cats. I have no idea why they go mad for fish.

What our cats seem to like eating are shrews, voles, and the occasional weasel (that was a fun afternoon). Why, therefore, can you not buy rodent flavoured cat food? The most common reason I come across is that we wouldn't like the idea of shrew cat food. My counter argument is it's not our food...

December 14, 2006

I wonder if this would work with ours…

The sign around its neck is a nice touch…

August 24, 2006

Funny Cats

These are hilarious, You've-Been-Framed–esque montages of cat clips; they've also been given exciting titles…

Funny Cats 1

Funny Cats 2

Funny Cats 3

Talking Cats

Not very You've-Been-Framed–esque, just funny…

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