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March 22, 2008

It's all our fault…

As I understand it, the story behind most Holy Books is that God(s) dictated them to men; that is to say that it was men that created the physical books.

I can see one major flaw with this: ask any* woman "What's the one thing that irritates you most about men?" and she'll probably say we're crap in bed. Say to her, "No not that one; the other one" and she'll probably reply "You never put the toilet seat down?" Then say "OK, the third most irritating thing about us" and she'll probably say we never listen.

And that is the problem with Holy Books: men did the physical writing, and men never listen. Surely, therefore, they are poor records of the points God was trying to get across...


* OK, so probably not any woman; I'm sure sexual orientation will have an effect on how the irritants are ranked.

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