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July 12, 2005

Quick! To the Air–Con Showroom!

England should not be this hot; it's just not natural. England is wet and rainy, that's what makes it British…

I hate the Summer; I loathe and despise it with a vengeance. In fact if it had an anthropomorphic personification, I would kick it when it was down…

May 01, 2005

May your camels be ever fruitful

I dislike the Summer; this amount of heat is not natural for this country.
Don't get me wrong, I quite like The Sun, things always seem to look at their best on a sunny day, it's just the heat I can't stand.
I was awful yesterday; really hot and stuffy. The thunder storm seems to have cleared the air a bit though, which is good.

"Right", he said to himself, reaching for the Argos catalogue, "how much are Air–Conditioners?"

February 28, 2005

Water…gasp…need water…

Labs are too hot. Why can't they buy air conditioning. I find it hard to concentrate in Labs when they're hot, or boring, or difficult, or in general; but mainly when they're hot.
Hence this brief interlude in the lab working…

Gimme a "6"!
Gimme an "o'clock"!
What have you got?
6 o'clock!

Not long now…

January 10, 2005

Bloody Electronics

The stools are too uncomfortable, the drills are too big, and the room is too damned hot!
Haven't you every heard of Air–Conditioning, Physics Department!!!

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