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December 31, 2006

The Big Fat Blog Entry Of The Year 2006

Follow-up to The Big Fat Blog Entry Of The Year 2005 from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

Well, I did this last year, so decided to do it again…

Let me know if any of the links don’t work; I have checked, but there are a lot of them…

Also, I apologise for any bad typing in this entry but my cat’s getting in the wayjdfbsioo0xjsoisbbkfderdoji.

Anyway, on with the show:


I rang in the New Year, I failed to have a BBQ, I discovered people don’t know the value of Pi, I found out a lot of interesting facts about me, I spent too long on a mobile contract, my bike got a puncture so I tried to think of alternatives, some students’ passwords were leaked, and I changed to Vodafone and got an N70.


I was glad I was only doing a BSc, I rediscovered the joys of Edinburgh Castle Rock, I voiced my puzzling over the size of the new Minis, and I found out what Science is.


I finished my Project Report, I discovered IE7 was going to be great, I finally got all the hearts and the Queen of Spades, I bought a back-lit keyboard, I learned not to ignore credit card bills second hand, I offered Free Nothing to Warwick Bloggers, and I couldn’t resist a challenge.


I offered a J20 as a prize to a competition, I lost network connectivity, monopoly, and sleep, and I discovered that Derren Brown is a marvelous man and this was the best live performance I’d ever been to.


I found the tweezers for my little pen knife, I discovered who Voices the Balls, I found an image from ages ago of the old and new lottery logos, I complained about ‘txt spk’, and I praised the wondrousness of KFC.


I found a duff needle, I had a photo stolen by the BBC, I discovered that Fire Kills Children, and I Passed.


The BBC stole another of my photos, I officially became Unemployed, I couldn’t get my head around some Monopoly House Rules and was impressed by how many people know the same rules, I enjoyed seeing the Doctor kick Dalek and Cyberman arse, I graduated, I finally got round to buying a powerful enough UPS and discovered it is less-dense than graphite, I acknowledged St Swithin’s Day, I ranted about Never Mind the Full Stops, I never did find out what ‘Hackneyed’ meant, I decided to migrate North for the summer, I provided a breakdown of the Internet, I complained it should be ‘fewer’, I couldn’t fit the answer in Blogger, and I hated IQ tests.


I complained about Jury Service, I bought a second domain, I looked in the dictionary for proof, I started blogging amusing videos, I startled a fly, I pondered the practicalities of using the LOST numbers for the Lottery, I discovered Guide Horses, I was indifferent to Pluto’s demotion, and I set a personal voicemail greeting.


I started scheduling amusing videos, I compared Warwick Blogs and Blogger, I made a joke, I got a lot of comments, I found a fantastic image from MS Paint, I hated a second IQ test, I found the real Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, I was desperate for the loo, I failed to photograph lightning, I found how long I need to wait, I boggled at my cat’s spam, I had trouble with my new user name, and I realised why DHARMA don’t use Micro$oft.


I discovered <notextile>, I rolled on the floor laughing my arse off at a panda, I went to see Marcus Brigstocke, I invented the Topical Pizza (but possibly after someone else already had), I bought the greatest USB hub ever, I found my blog’s Google PageRank, I started a Campaign for Political Correctness, and I imposed a speed limit on my blog.


I discovered that it helps to check your sources, I failed to find a video of the best act at the Secret Policeman’s Ball but found him doing it at an earlier gig, I continued my Campaign for Political Correctness, I celebrated my blog’s second birthday, I posted the Rules for Comedy Shows, I revisited the moon landing, I found the fantastic Zelda Retrospective, I solved the mystery of why bad things happen to good people, I saw Watchdog balls-up sudoku, and I discovered that Big Brother was going to be with us until at least 2010.


I came across a good joke, an American woman lowered my opinion of her nation’s citizens, I traded-in my old consoles and games in preparation for the Wii, I finally bought a Wii after months of eager anticipation and I wasn’t disappointed (especially not with Twilight Princess), I wondered why they’d waited until after the launch if they were genuinely concerned, I managed to tear myself away from Twilight Princess to look at Red Steel and Raving Rabbids, I created my first eBay auction for several months, I created pretty pictures of my Wii Console Number, I posted the third installment of my Campaign for Political Correctness, I finally got a copy of Wii Play and a second Wiimote, Nintendo launched the Wii’s Forecast Channel, I discovered a new word, I gave my opinion of Wii Play, I found out what the next Harry Potter book will be called, I cracked a joke, I wished everyone a Merry Politically-Correct Christmas, I stopped scheduling amusing videos, I thoroughly enjoyed The Runaway Bride, I finally got around to boggling at Deal or No Deal, I created a Deal or No Deal Box Order Generator, and I bought some yogurts from the Co-Op.

Merry Early Christmas!

I’ve just been into the Co-Op for a couple of things and they had Christmas-themed carrier bags; I tell you, shops start celebrating Christmas earlier each year…

December 26, 2006

Deal or No Deal Random Number Generator

Follow-up to Think of a number… from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

and writing about web page

I’ve just thrown together a script the generates the numbers 1 to 22 in a random order and presents them as a rough approximation to the UK (obviously) DoND boxes. The presentation needs a little tweaking, but the pseudorandom numbers seem to work properly.

As I say on the page, I accept no responsibility for you doing badly and reserve the right to worry about the mental state of anyone who would blame me for them losing…

Think of a number…

Think of a number, multiply it my two, add your age, half it, add the individual digits together repeatedly until you have a single digit, subtract it from the number you first thought of, ignore the minus sign (if any), and that’s the box you choose for Deal or No Deal; well, it makes about as much sense as any other method…

Seriously, though, I know this entry is coming quite a way into the show’s life (I usually manage to avoid it, so don’t often think about it), but how on earth did we get a game show based around the concept of choosing random numbers!? And how did Noel Edmonds get back on the air (not that I have anything much against him, he’d just been off the telly for so long…)?

December 25, 2006

I Was Just Rear–Ended by a Police Box

The Runaway Bride was brilliant, although I was disappointed that Donna didn’t ask anyone if she was bothered…

I particularly enjoyed the dramatic chase scene in which the participants hardly moved.

I’m really looking forward to the new series.

I Sure Am Beat

It’s been a little under 4 months since I started scheduling daily videos here, and I’m knackered; it’s surprisingly hard work, especially for someone who’s lazy…

So I’ve decided I’ve had enough; I’m bored with them and I’m going to stop. I’m still going to post videos that I’ve made (such as the USB Hub that can blow up the world), but it’s not going to be daily; apart from anything else, I’m guessing you’re as sick of them as I am…

However, as a final video post I thought I’d showcase some of the best.

So, without further ado, we present:

The 15 Best Videos from TROTT’s Video Period, in Chronological Order…

The Microsoft iPod 2005 Packaging

Human beings and fish can coexist peacefully

G! R! Double-E! N! Leaves!

1 Skin, 2 Skin, 3 Skin, 4…

Possibly the best advert in the world

The Origin of Golf

The Contrabulous Fabtraption of Professor Horatio Hufnagel

And it all started as a way to keep squirrels off bird tables…

Bless you!

Roller Blades + Part-Filled Bottles = Mozart’s 40th…

Stop Motion Animation At Its Finest

When Pacman Ghosts Attack!

Torn 2

I can’t even juggle 3 normally…

So Sleepy…

Honourable Mention

The Legend of Zelda

I’m not going to post all 7 videos again, but’s Zelda Retrospective is fantastic, and if you enjoyed it I recommend you download the originals from their site; here’s a handy link to help…

Have a Really Good Day!

Merry Capitalist Winter Festival Promoting Gift Receiving, Goodwill to All, and Annoying the Neighbours by Singing at Them and a Happy New Year!

(This was supposed to have been for midnight, but I accidentally scheduled it for 1pm out of habit… oops.)

December 24, 2006

Everyone Loves Bloopers

I particularly like the Self Healing Porsche and the Stormtrooper…

December 23, 2006

Spinning Balls and LED Torches

Hours of endless fun and entertainment…

December 22, 2006

I've got a joke…

Q. What do you call a polar bear at the South Pole?
A. Lost.

Q. What do you call a polar bear on the Hawaiian island of Oahu?

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