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December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

(unless, of course, you don't celebrate Christmas, in which case I hope you just have a nice day for no particular reason…)

December 24, 2004

Word of the Day

Bappled, adj., mottled, but using bread buns

December 21, 2004

Curses and damnation!

I had my driving practical test this morning. I failed, but never mind; there’s always Easter…

I also had a haircut; many hairs cut, in fact…

December 18, 2004

Rockin’ around the Christmas tree…

We finally got around to putting up the Christmas tree.

I suddenly feel all Christmassy…

December 17, 2004

A Mars a day…

Eat half a Mars Bar to help you "Wo", "Re", and "Pl".

December 15, 2004

It’s so simple, even a child of 3 could do it

Where’s a child of 3 when you need one…

December 12, 2004

Chocolate is lethal!

Apparently 10 kg of chocolate will kill you!

I’ll have to start cutting down…

December 11, 2004

The list just keeps going…

Follow-up to Home is where you hang your @ from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

It’s nice to have bathroom sinks that can comfortably accommodate a pair of hands with plenty of room to spare.


It’s by no means intentional, but I’ve never made an entry for a Saturda…

Ah, never mind…

December 10, 2004


A random pointless entry every day (except Saturdays, strangely…) until yesterday…
Still, life goes on, and who really cares?

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