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August 31, 2006

Nintendo A Cappella

I particularly like the Zelda theme…

August 29, 2006

G4, the Rock 'n' Roll Years

Great song…

Human beings and fish can coexist peacefully

There are some classics in this one…

They got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses


August 27, 2006

All of our operators are busy at the moment

Having settled for the default pre–recorded voicemail message for my mobile for quite some time, I've just changed it to:

Thank you for calling. Unfortunately all of our operator is busy at the moment; your call is important, so please leave a message after the tone

This is probably one of those things that's only funny at half–four in the morning…

August 26, 2006

My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming…

Writing about web page

…well, nothing actually; Pluto's not a planet anymore.

Apparently, after discovering a random block of ice in the Kupier Belt (think Asteroid Belt, but ice and out past Pluto – which is still there, of course, it's just not a planet) that was bigger than Pluto, Scientists decided that the definition of a planet needed tighteing. So, for something to be classed as a planet:

  • it must be in orbit around the Sun
  • it must be large enough that it takes on a nearly round shape
  • it has cleared its orbit of other objects

Since Pluto's orbit crosses Neptune's, it therefore doesn't fulfil these criteria…

So, remember: There are only 8 planets in the Solar System.

It's not a very suprising decision, really; some moons are bigger than Pluto…

August 24, 2006

Funny Cats

These are hilarious, You've-Been-Framed–esque montages of cat clips; they've also been given exciting titles…

Funny Cats 1

Funny Cats 2

Funny Cats 3

Talking Cats

Not very You've-Been-Framed–esque, just funny…

A very loving cat…

I saw this ages ago on a clip show, and have just found it on Google Video.

No Dogs, Except Guide Horses

Writing about web page

Well they are trainable, and at least a shop owner is going to look at them and think "working animal" rather than "pet"...

Still strange, though…

August 22, 2006

Go towards the light!

Writing about web page

I want one of these..

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