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July 12, 2006

You know you're bored when…

Follow-up to Uninterruptible Power Supply from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

If my maths is right, my UPS' density is a little less than that of graphite…

Uninterruptible Power Supply

I've just got my second UPS (that's an uninterruptible power supply and is not to be confused with the United Parcel Service, which bears the same acronym…). This one is working much better than my first.

That's not to say the old one did't work – it did – it's just it didn't work with my PC; my PC is to powerful. I believe it was 650VA, which works out at a little under 400W; it didn't occur to me until after the UPS failed to work properly that my PC's power supply alone is 425W…

So, then, it's not suprising that when I connected everything to the old UPS and flipped the switch at the mains, my computer died instantly…
On the second attempt I decided to instal the monitoring software on my laptop rather than the PC. When I flipped the mains this time I could quite clearly see the Load meter shoot up to 100%; something I wouldn't have been able to see without the laptop as the PC keeps dieing when I turn the mains off… (that's just at the wall, obviously; I'm not stupid enough to kill the power to the whole house just to see if my UPS works… they're on two different floors of the house for one thing…)

It was obvious at that point that the old UPS was too small; it was also around about now that I found the "390W" written on the box and thought, "Ah, that's about 35W less than my power supply, never mind the monitor and a large amount of 'wiggle room'."

That was some time ago now – I think it was Christmas just gone, after all the power trips we had in the off campus house from dodgy wiring and fan heaters – and I've only just found one that's big enough (It weighs about twelve bloody kilos! I was knackered after carrying it up the stairs…). It's great; I switch the power off and the only difference it that the thing starts beeping at me to let me know I've just turned the power off, and I get a 2 minute timer on screen labelled "hibernate".

Speaking of the timer: I timed how long it takes my computer to hibernate, and it was only about 20 seconds. Then I timed how long it takes my computer to drain the UPS, and the monitor ticked down quite quickly ("Damn," I thought. "It's not going to last very long…") until it reached 50%, where it stopped. I got bored of waiting after 2 minutes, so I just set that for the delay for hibernating. 2 minutes ought to be enough for a short power cut, plus it's Hibernating not Shutting Down, so it doesn't really matter what I'm doing at the time…

So, now I can have hours of endless fun and entertainment turning the mains off and having my computer stay on.

It's the simple things in life you treasure…

July 11, 2006

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

I had my graduation today; it was great fun and it was nice to get another chance to see everyone again (well, I say everyone; obviously the poeple on the 4 year course weren't there…). With all the photos the friends' family were taking I got quite good at my "Look At Me I'm Wearing Academic Robes Aren't I Intelligent" pose (hands gripping the sides looking serious; you know the one).
I love how ceremonial it is; it's almost ridiculous; "On behalf of the Senate I present these graduands for degrees" "By the power vested in me…" and so on.
I managed to go all day without falling over, Helen kissed the VC (for reasons I'm sure she'll explain herself) which gave everyone a good laugh, the whole throwing–the–mortar–boards–up–in–the–air–for–the–photo was fun, and I now know that my name appearing on the Pass List wasn't a clerical error…
So, yes, great fun. I recommend you all try it at least once.

Hopefully, thanks to the good people at the WGA, I should be able to keep the old Blog going, but I'm certainly going to miss the University.

So, that's it. I've had a lot of fun at Warwick, met some great people, and been part of the biggest and best student society on campus. But I'm hoping to get a chance to come back and visit friends who haven't left yet.
So don't think of it as "Sayonara"; think of it as "Ja Na"...

Let's say goodbye with a smile, dear,
Just for a while, dear, we must part.
Don't let the parting upset you,
I'll not forget you, sweetheart.

July 09, 2006

It's not an invasion; it's too late for that. It's a victory.

No more Doctor Who 'til Christmas…
Dammit, why can't I have a TARDIS! 5–and–a–half months is too long!

Still, Doomsday was great. I wondered what the 3D Glasses were for…

Speaking of revelations: I like the way some people are going on about Fear Her's 'massive' revelation in a throw–away line that the Doctor "was a dad once".
Of course he was a dad; the first Doctor's first companion was his bloody Granddaughter!


July 08, 2006

'Never Mind the Full Stops' Screenshots

Just randomly decided to post screenshots of my two photos from Never Mind the Full Stops that the BBC stole. They were both the first photos shown in the closing segment; not that that's that important, I just thought I'd mention it since I noticed it when I took the screenshots…

Mope Up Spillages
(If it's not bad enough that they stole it, they also squashed it…)

That Fridayyy Feeling
(I'm sure the original isn't that blurred…)

July 07, 2006

Free Parking

Follow-up to House Rules for Monopoly from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

A comment in my previous entry

I love that everyone has their own monopoly rules, its great! Gives the game a bit of variety and argumentation :)

reminded me of something; you'd always think that your house rules are unique, since you made them up, but there's one rule in particular that everyone seems to know, even if they don't like it. I don't believe it's ever been in the official rules, either as a rule or a suggestion for a house rule (I may be wrong) but it's so well know it actually made it into the proper rules for the Make-Your-Own-Opoly game.

So, how many people put fines in the middle of the board and win them by landing on Free Parking?

July 06, 2006

House Rules for Monopoly

I've never understood the rule some people have for Monopoly that you can't buy properties on your first lap. All it means is that instead of the person who rolls the highest that gets to buy everything, it's the person who rolls the highest…

It just doesn't make sense to me, although it is funny when people keep getting sent to jail on the first lap.

July 05, 2006

Hokey Kokey, Pig in a Pokey. Good Morning, Job Seekers!

Since I'm now Unemployed I went to the Job Centre to shout for money while I try to find a 'some–sort–of–job–thing'.
It wasn't at all fun (well, I didn't expect it to be…). They asked all sorts of troublesome questions like what sort of job I was after. How on Earth am I supposed to answer difficult questions like that? All I want out of a job is a high money–to–work ratio; ideally a lot of money and no work at all; being paid to sit at home doing nothing would be nice.
Also I have to prove I'm trying to find work, which sounds incredibly troublesome.
Ho hum…

They've Done It Again

Follow-up to The BBC Stole My Photo!!! from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

I watched the Never Mind the Full Stops from the 29th on Monday, and what should I see at the end of the show but my photo of a post box with three Y's in 'Friday'. So I sent the BBC another email. The next day (Yesterday, since it's past midnight) I got a phone call from a woman at the BBC whose name escapes me saying that they were very sorry that it happened again. I said that the arrangements for the previous photo would be alright for this one as well, and that I understood that nobody's perfect, and since they were being so prompt and willing that I was happy with the £150 they were offering retrospectively for both photos.
I'm expecting the first £150 in however long it takes the BBC to get around to paying, and I'm expecting the agreement to be posted for the second shortly.
Not bad, that; £300 because I watch TV and stick up for my rights…

Having said that, the fact that the BBC seems very efficient at dealing with their mistakes could suggest they've had a lot of practice…

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