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May 31, 2008

Get a fantastic web browser, and set a Guinness World Record

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Download Day 2008

If you download Firefox 3 within its first 24 hours (the release date hasn't been announced yet) then you could help set the Guinness World Record for the most software downloads in 24 hours.

Full details of the attempt can be found at the link above. It's important to note that it has to be a proper download; updates apparently won't count.

Sounds like a laugh...

World No Tobacco Day

Follow-up to Looks like the Government finally did something right… from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

Apparently today is World No Tobacco Day.

So "Yay!" to no smoking.

World No Tobacco Day

Remember, if you smoke you're a damned fool.

Coincidentally, if you're interested, has other themed headers. I particularly like 21st April because I think the colours are beautiful.

May 27, 2008

A website 65 million years in the making

Follow-up to It's a whole new paradigm! from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

I've finally finished the new design for It's only taken me 3 years...

Of course I hardly did anything to it in those three years; if you add up all the time I actually spent working on it, it's probably less than a week.

I was originally making a design similar to the final version; it had a coloured gradient at the top and the "menu" section was much more cluttered. That stayed hidden for the first year (maybe a little less) before i decided - finished or not - it still looked nicer then the old design, so released it as a "beta" version. It stayed there without much work being done to it for the next 2 years.

Then, a few months ago (February, I think), I finally started working on it again. Except I decided it wasn't good enough, so I started again from scratch. Of course I then stopped working on it again, but yesterday evening I decided to finish it off; the design was basically finished, it was just a matter of moving the old pages over.

So I think I've finally finished everything that needed doing, and have uploaded the new files. The new design is hosted on a different server, so it is entirely possible that you will still see the "old new" design until DNS catches up (I have a new hosting company, and have been moving site over for the past few months; I don't know about you, but my computer (or possibly my ISP; DNS isn't one of my strong points) insists on sticking with the old details for an annoyingly long time - I have to activate Tor to make sure the transfer has worked properly...).

So, if you see a gradient and pill-shaped buttons, that's the "old new" design; if you see a curved top and bottom, that's the "new new" design, and is the one you should be seeing...

May 24, 2008

That's one problem solved

I've just solved the problem of Microsoft charging for playing games online: it's not actually a problem. Allow me to explain...

I'm quite good at most of the games I own; I usually have little trouble beating the computer and/or completing them. I also believe being able to play online is awesome, and find it hard to resist the option if it's present. This is where we hit a snag: past experience has demonstrated that I seem to be crap in comparison to most other players.

And this is why it's a good thing that I won't be able to play GTA IV online after this month: I won't feel compelled to spend countless hours being "pwned", because I won't be able to...

May 22, 2008

What can I say? I'm weak…

Follow-up to Damn you GTA IV! from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

So I gave in to temptation on Tuesday and bought Grand Theft Auto IV. It cost a little over £200 with all the extras I needed to play it... which was basically the Xbox 360.

The game is, of course, fantastic. It really is a brilliant game. I also have to say that I'm quite impressed with the console itself, too. Microsoft seem to have done a much better job with it than they do with Windows...

I still remember the first time I saw an original Xbox; it was in Currys. I'd just rounded a corner and literally did a double take; I glanced at the display stand, looked away, and then looked back in genuine surprise at how massive the damn thing was.

I knew the 360 was slightly smaller than the original, but it's still huge. I mean its transformer alone almost dwarfs my Wii:

Xbox 360 Brick vs Wii

It's huge! Also, for completeness, the size comparison between the two consoles themselves:

Xbox 360 vs Wii

The controller is the only part of it that's a normal size:

Xbox 360 Controller vs Wii & Gamecube Controllers

I assume this is because the controller is designed to fit in your hands, whereas the 360 is designed to fit in your house...

So, overall, I'm quite impressed. My only complaint so far is that the 360 doesn't come with wireless; I'm having to wait a couple of days to acquire a cable to get it online.

May 20, 2008

What's so hard about getting to the moon? Getting out of bed in the morning; now that's hard…

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I've already stated what I think. What do you think? Fill in the form, and enjoy the pretty graph:

Manned Moon Landings Poll

'Phone calls database considered'

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Oh for the love of all that's sane. Where to begin? No...all right? Just "No".

This kind of shit is why I have less than no faith in politics.

It was a stupid idea before, it's still a stupid idea, it won't work, it'll be too easily abused, and I seriously doubt it'll catch any real dingleberries.

Whatever happened to privacy?

Whatever happened to this being a free country?

What makes the government think they can protect this data? They don't exactly have a good track record...

May 18, 2008

E Numbers aren't evil, they're just efficient…

It always amuses me when people complain about all the E Numbers in food; everything (well, a lot of things...) has an E Number... even the good stuff. For instance:

  • E175 is one of the most sought after substances on the planet, it is widely used as a form of currency, and is pretty to boot. E175 is Gold.
  • E300 is Vitamin C.
  • E260 is Acetic acid, which is what makes vinegar vinegar.
  • E500 is bicarbonate of soda.
  • E948 is literally (and I am using that in entirely the correct sense with zero hyperbole) vital to your very survival. You literally could not live without E948, because it's Oxygen.
  • E290 is produced naturally by your body. Admittedly Carbon Dioxide has a lot of bad press, but still...
  • E181 is naturally present in tea and wine (particularly red), and it what makes them taste the way they do. E181 is Tannin.

There are bound to be more, but it's a big list...

The point of the codes is that they are shorter than the actual names and take up less space on packaging; they are not a means to identify evil things.

Poll Poll

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Do you like polls? fill in the form, and enjoy the pretty graph:

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May 16, 2008

Here's to the finest crew in Starfleet!

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Who's better: Captain James Tiberius Kirk, or Captain Jean-Luc Picard?

Fill in the form, and enjoy the pretty graph:

Kirk or Picard Poll

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