October 01, 2007

You see, this is why I hate the Government…

Writing about web page http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7021647.stm

One important line is the one way down at the very bottom:

The new law brings Britain in line with an EU directive on the retention of phone data.

I mean, why? What's the point? Is there a point?

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  1. I’m not quite sure what you’re asking here. If you mean why are we bringing ourselves in line with EU Directives it is because we have signed various treaties that oblige us to incorporate the EC’s Primary Legislation using our own legislative instruments. Directives are binding only insofar as the result. What’s the problem?

    (By the way, if you’re worried about EC Legislation then you’d love EC Regulation 2257/94)

    01 Oct 2007, 18:15

  2. Whoops, when I said Primary Legislation I meant to say “Primary and (some) Secondary Legislation.” Mea Culpa.

    01 Oct 2007, 18:17

  3. No, what I’m objecting to is the level of access being granted to details of phone calls and text messages. Not that I believe I have anything to hide, but it’s the principle of the thing.

    The EU line is important because it means I can not only hate our Government for doing it, but the EU for forcing them…

    01 Oct 2007, 19:11

  4. EC Regulation 2257/94

    And the whole bent banana thing was just weird…

    01 Oct 2007, 19:12

  5. David Ferguson

    Well I do have somethings hide! Lots of things actually! Nobody has the right to track me 24/7 and listen in to my private phone calls to my girlfriend, my mother! These souless individuals have been clicking into my phone calls for a year now! Reading every email and text message i send! I am outraged! Ever since i had to phone the sould destroying Benefit Centre a whole year ago my life hasn’t been my own. I have not been free and my mental health problems are getting worse.

    These people listen to sexualy orientated conversations with my girlfirend, very personal/private health problems that include myself, my girlfreind even my mother and father. This isn’t right. It’s very god dam wrong actually and extremely illegal under any circumstances. Just because some crooks in The E.U. nobodys ever heard of, decides they want to move us closer towards the Nazi supersate the Hitler tried to create. He couldn’t dream of this level of surveilence.

    Now their giving the power to all the low level civil cervents in Council’s and Health Centres, now people that know me can devastate my privacy. See what websites I visit, what people i talk with, what street i walk down to get home. And soon my mental health doctors will have access to all this too.

    I am disintegrating as a person, I no longer feel like I have my own life, it’s someone elses and I don’t know who’s. That’s the real problem here, we don’t really know who controls the MP’s and our lives, it shouldn’t be too hard to find out who is in the higherst 1 percent and remove them from wealth and power and replace our entire democratic system/people with one based more on the original Athens model. The birth place of democracy.

    We and our freedom have been trampled on for a very long time, Schools teach nothing but bland hiistory, no real truth or facts, almost no politics or sociology at all.

    The word idiot comes from the Greek word idiōtēs,that means he who is non political.

    “Will you help us? For God’s sake help yourself!” – William Wallace

    (Infowars.com) spread the dvd’s people.

    16 Jan 2009, 19:04

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