December 20, 2006

Wii Played

Follow-up to Wii Play from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

Wii Play is a lot of fun, especially since I can now have two players…

“Find Mii” is a bit tedious, and I’m just crap at “Pose Mii”, but the Duck Hunt and the cow racing ones are lots of fun. The fishing was a bit awkward – I need some practice on that one. The tank one is quite good and, although possible with just a Remote, it’s definitely easier with a Nunchuk. “Table Tennis” is fun, too. The pool game is great, and makes a nice relaxing game because it’s pace is very much set by you and not the game. I also quite like “Laser Hockey”, even though I’m crap at it…

So, in conclusion, and in no particular order:

Mini Game What I think How I do
Table Tennis Good Decent
Laser Hockey Good Crap
Fishing Awkward OK
Find Mii Simple, but not always easy… OK
Pose Mii OK With the speed, I keep changing the wrong way…
Shooting Very Good Very Well
Billiards Very Good Decent
Charge! Fantastic Who cares how well you do? It’s hilarious!
Tanks Good I keep getting killed, but it’s fun

Basically, if you don’t have Wii Play and you want another Wiimote, buy it; it’s only a little more expensive than just a Remote, but it’s a decent amount of fun for your trouble…

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  1. Allan Smith

    After an initial blast on it, I haven’t really touched it since. As an introduction to how the controller works it’s great; but Wii Sports holds my attention much better.

    20 Dec 2006, 09:59

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