November 26, 2006

Why do bad things happen to good people?

I recently realised that that question is as valid as asking why good things happen to bad people, but that second one rarely gets asked…

The answer is that bad things happen to everyone, good people just tend to get more Press than bad people – except in the cases where bad people do bad things…

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  1. The Iliad, Book 24, Lines 527-533

    Zeus who delights in thunder has two jars standing on the floor of his Palace in which he keeps his gifts, evils in one and blessings in the other.

    It’s pitch black in my room so typing out the rest of the quote whilst glancing at the Iliad using my phone as a torch isn’t easy. Basically Achilles says to Priam “Zeus has two jars containing good and bad fortune. He gives a mixture to some and purely evil ones to others.” In other words you could be a living saint and you might lose your legs the day before you’re due to run a charity marathon.

    26 Nov 2006, 21:36

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