January 20, 2007

WarioWare: Ultimate Alliance

I've just bought WarioWare: Smooth Moves and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. I've only had a chance to play on them for a few hours, but they both seem like a lot of fun.

For some reason I'm quite taken by Smooth Moves' drinking mini game; I don't know why. I also love the names for the "forms" - The Umbrella, The Mohawk, and The Elephant to name but a few - as well as their short introduction scenes...

Ultimate Alliance is also a lot of fun. The Human Torch is definitely my favourite character so far (there are unlockable characters) mainly because he uses fire (and who doesn't love fire) but also because he uses fire and can fly; although limited (there's an invisible ceiling) flying is still quite entertaining. I've found flying and spamming his flamethrower seems to take care of most enemies (although admittedly I am on Easy to get a feel for the game - it may not be so effective on harder dificulties); on that note, a tip for the first boss: when the dragon thing (can't remember its name) is standing around attacking, have the human torch fly close but off to one side and use the flamethrower; that seemed to finish him off quite quickly as the boss' attackes miss...

If anyone's interested, my team in Ultimate Alliance is (in no particular order): The Human Torch, Iron Man, Spiderman, and Wolverine; although I tend just to play as the Human Torch - switching purely for variety; I don't know if there will be any necessary changes later, but I haven't encountered any yet...

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  1. Seth

    Well… necessary changes… first off drop human torch… well okay, it’s not strictly speaking a nescessary change but i have issues with the ‘fantastic’ four. If it’s fire you’re after well then it’s ghost rider you want, granted he can’t fly, but his attacks are far better they do awesome damage, and still do so once you are playing difficult… spiderman, unfortunately, sucks, his big power attack doesn’t do jack against bosses, which is the main place you want to use it so that scrubs him out, pluss all his attacks are physical based and on that front you already have wolverine, who is a much better physical firghter… Iron Man, can’t fault you there, he is good, but there are better charachters for energy damage, though the best one, silver surfer, is a real bitch to unlock so you’re okay with tony… your fourth member… that’s a toughie… i’d probably say storm, as she adds an extra type of attack plus her chain lightning is awesome! though in game cold fire and electicity are all counted as elemental attacks i believe… still she is rather awsome

    05 Apr 2007, 19:27

  2. I take it you have it on another platform…

    Admitedly, yes, I was playing on Easy but I only really used the Human Torch and spammed Inferno; it seemd to do the trick.

    I haven’t played on it for a while – I’m trying to leave it so I can’t recall too much of the plot – but I’ll be having different people next time; I chose people I knew fairly well, since power wouldn’t be too much of an issue on Easy…

    05 Apr 2007, 23:47

  3. Well, yes i suppose you can get away with going for people you know on easy, but on hard you really need to have found a team who have devent attacks and whose powers compliment each other, which mostly means you need to have at least a physical sweeper an energy sweeper and an elemental sweeper. However there are other considerations, such as silver surfer baing able to do increased damage to slowed, stunned or frozen enemies with certain powers, which for me meant adding ice man to the roster. Another point in the surfer’s favour is that he can heal your party, and his big attack even regenerates you teams energy reserves, so he is good for both attack and support. Though my favourite has to be Johnny Blaze himself, the ghost rider, his attacks are brilliant!

    22 Apr 2007, 01:55

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