May 27, 2006

Txt Spk

Writing about web page

wotz d point of "txt spk"? ive nevr encountered a situAtN whr I Cnot uz normL, decent eng; my syntax mA tAk a hit – "cmptr ded" az opOzD 2 "my cmptr iz ded" – bt I considR DIS a minor prob; failing dat I c%d alwys spred it Ovr two msgz; iz "propR eng" rly not wrth 10p (i.e. d 10p on top of d 10p 4 d msg U hav 2 snd anyway)? 2ndlE, I find it EZer 2 uz normL wrds thN 2 uz dEz "abbreviations" (rED: abominations ;) ) since Ive Bin spkN & writiN coReclE 4 somwher rownd 2 decades, bt hav nevr felt d nEd 2 embrace this… this… unnecessity. NEway, itz l8, so datz bout d limit of my near–sleep debating skiLz, so I'll jst finish w "DIS 'txt spk' crp iz aL a load of bolX".

10 points to the first person who can tell me what the hell I just said…

Another 10 points to the first person that can list all the normal English words the translator couldn't cope with; a hint: they're usually the long ones most in need of abbreviating.

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  1. wotz d point of "txt spk"? ive nevr encountered a situAtN whr I
    What is the point of 'text speak'? I have never encountered a situation where i couldnot use normal, decent, english; my sister text me – take a look – 'computer dead' as opposed to 'my computer is dead' –but i consider this a minor problem; failing that i could always spread it over two messages; is 'proper english' really not worth 10p (i.e. the 10p on top of the 10p for the message you have to send anyway? Secondly, i find it eiasier to use normal words than to use these 'abbriviations' (read abominations ;) ) since i have been speaking and writing correctly for somewhere around two decades, but have never felt the need to embrace this…this…innecessity. Anyway, it is late, so that about the limit of my near–sleep debating skills, so ill just finish with 'this text speak' crap its all a load of bollocks.

    27 May 2006, 08:24

  2. s/my sister text me – take a look/my syntax may take a hit/

    I uesd to use text speak, but then I discovered T9 and the ilk, and suddenly it was faster to text proper english rather than type textspeak. I guess the only time I used to bother about it was when I was on PAYG, and every message counted. Now I'm on contract, I have many messages to burn through. PIty my mother insists on using textspeak even on short messages :s

    Could also be the fact that textspeak is shorter than proper english and those non–T9 users are just lazy..

    27 May 2006, 12:06

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