September 21, 2007

TROTT's Theory of Browser Theology

(Disclaimer: I am using the Abrahamic Religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - a wonderfully useful term I came across on Wikipedia) as the primary analogues because the UK is officially Christian. It isn't a commentary on other religions, except one which you'll see at the end...)

Firefox is a lot like one of the Abrahamic Religions. Opera, which is just as good but with some extras and some omissions compared to Firefox, is like one of the other two (it doesn't really matter which you assign; I'm classing all three as being at the same level as each other).

Safari is like an Eastern religion; theoretically just as likely to get you in the good books of however many gods you believe in, but significantly different to the "western browsers".

Internet Explorer, on the other hand, is most definitely Scientology...

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  1. Henry

    You might like to give some reasons why you think this, as, understanably, it’s a very subjective thing, and Firefox being Abrahamic Religions isn’t necessarily a good thing for Firefox. I’m not sure I understand why Safari is Eastern religions.
    Personally I would say that Firefox is Scientology because of its fanatical following at an almost cult status, like Apple’s. Nearly everyone and anyone I meet is certain Firefox is the best without trying any others and has no idea about its security status or how good it actually is.

    21 Sep 2007, 09:25

  2. You might like to give some reasons why you think this

    Sorry, I thought it was obvious:

    The religions most considered “true” and “the best” in the West are presumably Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The religions most considered “true” and “the best” in the East are presumably Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. I’m no theologist, so I apologise if that assessment is inaccurate. These two “blocks” appear to be similar to others in the same block, but quite different to those in the other block.

    I love Firefox and think it’s the best browser out there. Opera, which is also for Windows, is also great but I just prefer Firefox; I can’t pin down exactly why, I just prefer using Firefox. Being both excellent browsers for Windows, I grouped them together. Safari is another decent browser; I may have my complaints but at least it displays web pages how I expect. However, being (originally) for a Mac there are several factors that arguably make it distinct from the Windows browsers.

    Therefore, in this simplified view of the world and the Internet, there are two blocks of browsers and two blocks of religions; both as good as each other, but different. Which browser block goes to which religion block is completely meaningless; the only reason I chose this way round, as I’ve already said, is because I’m English.

    Internet Explorer, however, is a load of bull plop. So I made it Scientology.

    Firefox is the best without trying any others

    I have – and have had for some time – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari (that one’s more recent, of course) installed on my computer. I use them to test websites. In my opinion Firefox is the best to use.

    21 Sep 2007, 13:08

  3. Well, that’s why I categorised them how I did. Why I did it in the first place was because it struck my as an amusing idea stemming from the fanaticism of certain members of both religions and web browser users.

    21 Sep 2007, 13:10

  4. Henry

    Sorry for the long time not replying I’ve only just realised I posted a reply.

    I now understand your reasoning, maybe I was reading too much into it originally.

    I wasn’t saying you hadn’t tried other browsers, just that most of the people who seem to use Firefox, use it blindly, much like Scientology.

    I think it’s a good way of showing how fanatical people get about browsers and operating systems, comparing them to Religions. Same with members of the Apple cult, or AMD vs Intel.

    03 Oct 2007, 13:20

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