December 06, 2006

This doesn't help my opinion of Americans…

Writing about web page

I seriously hope this isn’t true…

My God, what kind of parent would call the police to arrest their son for opening his damned Christmas present early!? His Christmas present! His Christmas present!

They charged him with petty larceny, which I gather carries a fine. I can’t find the kid’s age, but since they use “child” and “boy” rather than something like “teen” I’m going to guess he’s a minor. Surely, therefore, it’ll be the responsibility of the mother to pay for the fine? That would make it even more stupid!

“We charged you son with ‘petty larceny’, ma’am. Now that’ll be $100 for the fine, please.”

It’s too late at night to cope with this…

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  1. Well if you read further down it’s pretty clear why she shopped him. He’s a tearaway kiddy who needs a slap.
    Amusing though that she has so many problems with him and he doesn’t respect authority… So treat him to a nice new gameboy for Christmas. He deserves it after all :)

    06 Dec 2006, 11:38

  2. I did notice that; I was going to mention it, but removed the reference because it didn’t flow as well.

    True he’s an arse, but it was still only opening a christmas present; and his one at that. It’s not as if he’d heard Grandma was buying Mum an expensive necklace which he then nicked and sold…

    06 Dec 2006, 11:45

  3. Seth

    Indeed… Well as you say they are american so what do you expect…
    Not that all americans are stupid, I have personally known an entire one amercan who wasn’t.
    I’ve also know several who were everything you would expect from that most idiotic of all countries. Long live the soviet union…
    WHAT!!!! you mean it fell apart… damn, curse you america!!!!!!

    06 Dec 2006, 19:54

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